Tuesday, September 04, 2012

YouTube Subscribe Button Marketing Trick Get You More Subscribers [Video & Free Tool]

One of the best ways to get more video views on YouTube is by having a large audience for your content, specially if that audience is already subscribe to your channel, which mean they already approve your content as interesting or valuable for them. Below I share a great tutorial that shows a little video marketing trick that uses an interactive "Subscribe Button" to increase your channel's subscribers, this trick works very well, because it makes your clips look more professional and engaging.

Here is how it looks, well without the arrows I added to point to the actual button, which by the way flies from under the clip to the screen at the same time James points to that corner:

Also you will find a link below the video where you can download the button for free so you can use it on all your videos and start boosting the size of your viewers.

The Marketing Trick.

Here is the video tutorial by James Wedmore, enjoy.

Download the complementary subscription button tool right here!

Keep checking back for more video promotion tactics or go pro by becoming part of the Video Traffic Academy and learn advanced strategies.

If you are a beginner start by watching these 22 Youtube Marketing tutorials!

Don't forget to link the image with your subscription URL so viewers can click on it to become part of your channels fans.

Let me know if you like the trick, and what type of results you got, remember that the quality of your content is number one, if your content is crappy nobody is going to subscribe, don't matter how cool and interactive is your button!

Good luck,

Luis Galarza.
Local Web Marketing Specialist.
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