Saturday, August 04, 2012

How To Use Google Plus Hangouts On Air For Your Business

Hangout Tips From The Trenches!

Today I wanted to share this great video which is a replay of a public business hangout. In this free presentation titled "Learn How To Use Google Plus Hangouts On Air For Business", you can learn not just what's this online communication tool really is, but how you can use to create and share content with your audience.

What's inside the Google Plus Hangout tutorial?

The video is excellent for beginners and experience users so there is a lot that you can learn from today from Vanessa Schneider and Toby Stein and their guesses. They did a great job explaining different factors like:

- What hangouts really are?
- Why hangouts for your local or online business?
- Formats and settings.
- Integration with Google Docs
- Strategies and tricks from the experts.

Also, listen to what Tom Rolfson and Seth David have to say, they have some great advice to make your experience a good one.

The Presentation.

Here is the presentation, make sure to get a a drink and avoid any distractions so you can the most from this 50+ minutes presentation:

For a complete summary of the video click here!

I hope you learned a lot form this presentation, remember what Seth David said, do like Nike and Just Do It! You will learn more and faster by trying this or any other feature for yourself.

Recommended reading.

- Google+ for Business by Chris Brogan.
- What the Plus! By Guy Kawasaki.


- How to provide effective Hangouts shows.
- Hangout for businesses.
- Official Google page for hangouts.
- New Hangout withing Gmail feature.

Remember to ping me or notify me when you produce your next hangout, I'll be glad to be part of it.

Good luck,

Luis Galarza,
Local Online Marketing Specialist.
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