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Top 10 Super Affiliate Email Marketing Tips To Boost Response

Have you ever wondered how some affiliates manage to make more money than you thought possible? It all boils down to the traffic that you can bring in.

The biggest part of this is the quality of the traffic you send to a product web site or landing page. In most cases you'll find that the quality of list building will dominate over most other options.

That's just the first step though, to realize that list building is how you can start on the road to becoming a super affiliate marketer.

The hard part comes next however, you need to find a way to build a list.

Of course there are a ton of different ways to do this, but finding one that will result in a targeted and responsive list that want to buy your products - that's a little bit more difficult.

What if there was a short, free course, that taught you how to build a list from scratch even.

Free email course is named The List Building Bullet for Affiliate Marketing, located at:

It is by no means a comprehensive course that will teach you the basic details of list building, but it is a nice, complementary, and easy to follow course that will get you started with one of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing. This mini-course is an extension of my advanced in-house email marketing training package which can be downloaded at:

Even if you already have a list it would be a bit foolish to pass up an offer like this. After you get the free training course you will be able to put in practice the following email marketing technique.


1. Create a mini-course relevant to the product you are promoting. Make sure is very useful, and of high quality. Also, remember to add a link to the affiliate product at the end of each lesson.

2. Make a huge list of 101 tips that are useful to people that can be help by the product you are promoting.

3. Write a set of articles providing good details on each tip or technique your readers can implement right now. If you don't to write you can get low cost ghost writers to create your content for $3 to $10 per article. Some good places to find writers are:

- Fiverr ( ).
- DigitalPoint ( ).

TIP: Don't use PLR articles, only if you plan to rewrite the content or pay someone to do it for you.

4. Leave the best 10 tips articles as part of your mini-course. Remember that the course needs to provide a lot of value. Remember to add a links to the affiliate product.

5. Take another good 10 tips (articles) and put them together as digital report or ebook in PDF format. This report will be a second giveaway to your list members, which should be deliver at the beginning with your first lesson.

6. Submit two sets of 25 articles in high traffic direstories like EzineArticles ( ) and GoArticles ( ).
TIP: Don't use article submission software or apps, because you will be submiting the same article to a bunch of sites and that means duplicated content. Google don't like that. Keep it original and useful!

7. Now use 15 articles to create 3 social content pages on high ranking social content sharing sites like: Squidoo ( ), and Hubpages ( ). I recommend you 1 Squidoo lens or page and 2 Hubpages. I recommend you that because look like lately Hubpages sites are getting better ranking than lenses.

8. Now take the last 6 articles and create another PDF report or ebook and submit it in free document sharing site sites like Scribd ( ), ( and others.

9. Create a niche blog, then rewrite all the articles and post them there one per day. You can automate this process if you use CMS (content management software) like Wordpress, Google Blogger. In both of this blogging systems you can automate when a post should be publish. Also, make sure the blog is RSS is manage by FeedBurner ( ), which will also ping (submit your content to RSS feed directories) and send updates to Twitter. Also on your blog you can post facts, statistics, and news about your niche. Don't be scare to add a link to your landing page on each post.

10. Create a lead capture page that will sell your course and complementary ebook to your prospects. How? Well, I wrote a few articles here about squeeze pages and landing pages, and a give you great details on the course, but here the top elements:

- A good headline selling the main benefit.
- A list of more benefits.
- Picture of the ebook cover.
- Your picture.
- An opt-in email form.


11. Remember that is all about sending qualify prospects to your lead capture page. You need to mention your course everywhere.

- Your articles need to link to your landing page.

- Your squidoo lens and hubpages need to link to your landing page.

- Your free report on Scribd needs to link to your landing page and blog.

- Your social profiles need to have a link for your blog and landing page if you have the space.

- Your blog need to link to your content, your social profiles and your lead capture page.

- Your blog can also have a web form on the side bar or on top of every post selling your free course and report.

12. Track and test different copy, to boost your sign ups and responses.

More advanced resources:

* Email Strategies Explained.

* List Profit System.

I hope this tips can help you maximize your list subscriptions and email campaign response rate. Don't worry if you didn't understand a few part of this post, just go get your list building mini-course and report at: to get more tips and details about email lead generation.

To your success,

Luis E Galarza,
List Building & Marketing Specialist.

Tweet me a question at:

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