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103 Most Popular Search Keywords List

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

This List Means Chances Of More Income For Niche Marketing Entrepreneurs. Explode The Revenue Possibilities You Have, Knowing The Current Most Popular Search Keywords!

If you are a niche marketer or looking for a niche on demand that you can start an Internet business on and reach big monetization levels, this list of most popular search keywords can help find that on demand niche you been seeking for. Before you deciding on which market to go for remember this simple niche marketing rules:

1.- Choose a market that you are knowledgeable about, that you love, or at least you have a lot of interest on, this way will be easier for you to put some hard work on it and enjoy at the same time.

2.- Do some research to know if market you choose have enough demand to become profitable and not a waste of your time.

3.- Plan a monetization strategy that will ensure a monthly, weekly or daily income for you and your business. Some of the opportunities open for you are:
  • Google Adsense.
  • Affiliate Programs.
  • Network Marketing Program.
  • Contextual Advertising Networks.
  • In-House Advertising or Sponsors Sales.
  • Here is a list of sites that can help you make money online.
4.- Remember that if the market is saturater you can go after the after market of on demand product or keyword.

Here is the current most popular search keywords list to help you find a profitable niche. The top keywords are in bold:
  1. 1 800 Flowers.
  2. * 6 Figure Yearly.
  3. * 401 (k) IRA.
  4. Abercrombie Fitch.
  5. Aeropostale.
  6. American Eagle.
  7. Air Purifiers.
  8. Artificial Rocks.
  9. *Baseball Cards.
  10. Bankruptcy.
  11. Best Seller eBook.
  12. Bikinis.
  13. Blogging.
  14. Blood Pressure.
  15. Call Centers.
  16. Cameras.
  17. Candles You Make.
  18. Cardboard Cutouts.
  19. *Car Donations.
  20. Car Insurance.
  21. Cars.
  22. Catering Business.
  23. Cell Phones.
  24. Cell Phone Plans.
  25. Celebrity Secrets.
  26. Celebrity Gossip.
  27. *Cheap Insurance.
  28. Cheap Web Hosting.
  29. Cheating in a Relationship.
  30. Chitika.
  31. Classic Cars.
  32. Clickbank Mail.
  33. *Coins.College.
  34. College Scholarships.
  35. Comic Books.
  36. Computers.
  37. Credit Cards.
  38. *Credit Repair.
  39. Currency Trading.
  40. Data Recovery.
  41. Diabetes.
  42. Digital Cameras.
  43. Distance Learning.
  44. Domain Names.
  45. Drug Rehab.
  46. DUI.
  47. eBay.
  48. *Free College Tuition.
  49. Free Gas.
  50. Free Music Downloads.
  51. *Free Recipes.
  52. *Going GREEN.
  53. Golf Cart Accessories.
  54. Government Grants.
  55. Gypsy Vanner Horses.
  56. Hard Drive Data Recovery.
  57. *HDTV.
  58. Health Insurance.
  59. Help Desk.
  60. *Hollister.
  61. *Home Loans.
  62. Honeymoon Packages.
  63. *Horoscopes.
  64. Hot Rods.
  65. Impotence.
  66. Individual Health Insurance.
  67. Indoor Playhouses.
  68. Investment.
  69. *Ipod Downloads.
  70. *Laptops.
  71. Lasik Eye Surgery.
  72. Lawyers.
  73. LCD Plasma.
  74. LCD TV.
  75. Lemon Laws.
  76. Lottery.
  77. *Make Money.
  78. Medical Insurance.
  79. *Merchant Account.
  80. Mortgages.
  81. *Lottery.
  82. Mortgage Calculator.
  83. *Mortgage Refinance.
  84. Motorcycles.
  85. Nationwide Newspapers.
  86. Natural Cures.
  87. Online Dating.
  88. Paid Surveys.
  89. Personal Development.
  90. Personal Injury.
  91. Playhouse Plans.
  92. PPC.
  93. Recipes.
  94. *Structured Settlements.
  95. Student Loans.
  96. Top Internet Products.
  97. Travel Insurance.
  98. Vacations.
  99. Voip.
  100. Website Reviews.
  101. **Website Traffic.
  102. Weight.
  103. *What Women Want.

One more thing, you can use a good convination of one of these top keywords as part of the name of your own product or service. This works well for information or ebook publishing and marketing.

Recommended Resources.

- Search Marketing Lab. Updated Daily.
- Bebiz: Niche eBook Business Builder. Top System.
- Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online. New Version.

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In Conclusion: Build a website or based on a top market that you are interest in, do you research to make sure people are spending money on it, then create a money making system for your site, and use good Internet marketing strategies to turn your new venture into an online success..

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

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Mario said...

Nice list, you got me working already, thanks for the info. Some people are selling these stuff in other places including eBay, I hope you aren't cutting your profit potential down with such a good content.


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