Thursday, July 10, 2008

Top Search Keywords In My Niche

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing And Make Money Online Tips.

I Have A list Of Over 1000 Top Search Keywords In My Niche... Here Are A Few Of Those Top Key Phrases!

As a Internet marketer you need to keep in track on the top search keywords in your niche all the time, it doesn't matter if you are optimizing your web site with the latest SEO strategies or you just take the web traffic short-cut with PPC or Adwords... you need to do your research of what keywords are in the top and if there is a change from season to season, also is good to know if there are any new keywords that you should know about.

In the case of this blog my two top niche key phrases are "Internet Marketing" and "Make Money Online", but I also have a list of every keyword related to any of my blog categories and tags. This way every time I post a new article I know what keywords to use on the title, the body of the content, at the end of the article, and the labels or tags depending on the blog platform I am using, for this blog is Google Blogger.

Well, if you are trying to promote affiliate programs or Google Adsense in my niche or market you can find this list of best search keywords very useful, here it is:

Keyword: Internet Marketing.

Searches - Key-phrase.

1950 internet marketing.
245 internet marketing services.
217 internet marketing canada.
189 internet marketing of tourism products.
181 internet marketing strategy.
163 internet marketing strategies.
135 internet marketing service.
132 strategic internet marketing.
122 internet marketing course.
99 internet marketing company.
98 dallas internet marketing.
96 internet marketing minnesota.
83 dallas internet marketing services.
83 internet marketing advertising.
80 marketing internet.
73 internet marketing experts denver.
73 internet marketing specialists denver.
64 internet marketing denver.
60 internet viral marketing.
60 internet web marketing.
59 hosting and internet marketing strategy.
59 internet marketing greenwich.
57 internet dental marketing.
56 dallas internet marketing consulting.
54 dallas internet marketing firm.
54 internet marketing tools.
53 latino internet marketing.
51 dallas internet marketing consultant.
50 hispanic internet marketing.
49 internet marketing company florida.
47 dallas internet marketing consulting services.
44 marketing internet posicionamiento.
43 denver internet marketing.
43 ideas marketing internet.
41 internet marketing car dealers.
40 internet marketing specialist denver advertising business.
37 internet marketing company georgia.
36 internet marketing specialists colorado.
34 internet marketing companies.
34 internet marketing company tennessee.
34 internet marketing specialist denver business consultant.
33 internet marketing colorado.
33 internet marketing consultant.
33 internet marketing solutions.
33 internet marketing solutions for automotive dealers.
31 chicago internet marketing.
31 free internet marketing.
31 internet marketing experts.
31 internet marketing experts colorado.
31 internet marketing maine.
31 internet marketing uk.
30 automotive internet marketing solutions.
30 cursos marketing internet.
30 internet marketing solutions for auto dealers.
30 internet marketing specialist.
28 internet marketing expert.
28 internet marketing for attorneys.
27 engine internet marketing ranking search top.
27 internet online marketing advertising business.
25 home business internet marketing.
25 internet marketing definition.
25 internet marketing for online business.
25 internet marketing resources.
25 internet marketing search engine.
24 internet marketing bangkok.
24 internet marketing for online businesses.
24 internet marketing gorillas.
24 internet marketing plan.
24 internet site marketing.
23 affiliate marketing on the internet.
23 benefits of internet marketing.
23 internet marketing affiliate program.
23 internet marketing for small businesses.
23 success of internet marketing companies.
21 internet marketing birmingham.
21 internet marketing tips.
20 advantages of internet marketing.
20 aggressive internet marketing.
20 internet based affiliate marketing.
20 internet marketing business.
20 internet marketing news.
20 internet marketing techniques.
20 internet marketing web sites.
20 ppc search engine internet marketing.
18 internet marketing alabama.
18 internet marketing expert ebusiness trend sunspa saunas.
18 internet marketing gorilla.
18 internet marketing help.
18 internet marketing online advertising.
18 marketing en internet.
17 advertising business internet marketing.
17 hotel internet marketing.
17 internet marketing and advertising company.
17 internet marketing online business.
17 internet marketing search engine placement.
17 marketing on the internet effects.
15 affiliate internet marketing.
15 ebusiness trend internet marketing expert sunspa saunas.
15 impact of internet on marketing surveys.
15 internet marketing advertising company.

Total searches 6,558.

Keyword: Make Money Online.

Searches - Key-phrase.

1067 make money online.
266 how to make money online.
151 make money free online.
93 ways to make money online.
76 make money online for free.
59 teens make money online.
34 make online money now.
31 make money online survey.
30 make money online free.
27 best way to make money online.
27 earn cash make money online.
25 free ways to make money online survey site earn extra.
24 how to make money online 3.
21 how to make money online auction.
20 canadian free online survey site web tool make money.
20 free online paid survey make money fast at home.
20 how to make easy money online.
20 how to make money quick online.
20 make money with online surveys.
20 online survey make money work at home.
20 take online surveys for free make money.
18 can you make money doing online surveys.
18 canadian free online survey site web survey tool make money.
18 free make money online survey employee satisfaction survey.
18 free surveys online to make money.
18 free ways to make money online.
18 how do i make money online free survey.
18 how to make money online immediatel.
18 make easy money online.
18 make money at home online.
18 make money online auction.
18 make money online review.
18 make money taking surveys online.
17 free home make money online survey trial work.
17 free make money online.
17 free make money online survey.
17 learn how to make money online.
17 make money online and work from home.
17 make money online fast.
17 surveys and online and make money.
17 where can i make money online for filling out surveys.
15 best ways to make money online.
15 doing make money online surveys.
15 home jobs online surveys make money work at home.
15 how to make extra money online.
15 how to make fast money online.
15 how to make money with online.
15 make money online by free to join surveys.
15 make money online by free to jon surveys 3.
15 make money online surveys.
15 make money taking online survey.
15 make money taking surveys online no cost to me.
15 make quick money online.
15 money make online work at home.
14 earn make money online survey.
14 make money being online.
14 make money online business.
14 make money online by taking surveys.
14 make money online now.
14 make money online with affiliate program.
14 make money with online poker.
12 doing make money online survey.
12 easy ways to make money online.
12 home make money online survey work.
12 how to make money online blogs.
12 internet make money online survey.
12 make big money online.
12 make extra money by taking online survey.
12 make extra money online.
12 make money at home from taking surveys online.
12 make money online and work at home.
12 make money online instantly free surveys.
12 make money online internet survey.
12 make money taking online surveys.
12 online surveys earn how can i make money by fillin.
12 steps how to make money online.
11 completing make money online survey.
11 earning extra cash online make money paid survey.
11 how do i make money online.
11 internet make money online survey loan.
11 make lots of money online.
11 make money doing online surveys.
11 make money online survey home business opportunity.
11 make money online we make a website for you.
11 take free online surveys make money.
11 the greatest online survey in the world to make money from.
11 way to make money online.
10 article how to make money online.
10 business home make money online.
10 easy sign to make money by online surveys.
10 filling make money online survey.
10 from greatest in make money online survey world.
10 home jobs online surveys make money work at.
10 home make money online opportunity work.
10 how istarted to make money online.
10 how to make money from online surveys.
10 make money business opportunity online.
10 make money doing joint ventures online.
10 make money easy online.
10 make money fast online.

Total searches 3,147.

Recommended Resources.

- BeBiz - Niche Internet Business Builder. New!
- Internet Wealth Explosion Training System. NEW! Scam review.
- Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online. New Version.
- Search Marketing Lab. To be ahead of the SEO strategies that work.
- Google Snatch - The Free Click Formula. New!
- SEO Elite Software. For Keyword Research.

To learn how you can be part of a small business association full with Internet marketing experts visit the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

In Conclusion: Always keep your list of top search keywords in your niche up to date, to find new opportunities, and sub-niches that you can get in and turn it into another stream of income for you. Niche marketing success depends a lot on your keyword research, remember that.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

A proud member of
- The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs
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