Tuesday, September 12, 2006

MONEY: Can You Make $1000 in 48 Hours to Save Your Family?

By Luis Galarza "The Success Guy" Blog

This was a case study made by top marketing expert and business lawyer Mr. Shawn Casey (Co-founder of The Millionaire Of The Month Club), well the thing he did was asking to 15 of the best Internet Marketing Masters, how they will make $1000 in 48 hours? If terrorist have their families and the only thing they get is a phone line, a computers, Internet access, and a pre-paid visa card with only $200 limit. But, to make it even harder, they need to act like they don't nothing about Internet Marketing, and they have no opt-in list, no business, no product. And they only have 48 hours to make $1000 in net profit...

Shawn Casey did this case study to put together a report that can help people in need to make money now, not 3 months from now... The Desperate For Money Report is a excellent source of information for anyone who needs to make money fast. Because when you desperate for cash you need to something that can work for you and an produce profit right away specially if the live of your family depends on it. That's exactly what I did after I left my last job, I knew what to do but my mind was comfortable in a regular job. But, when I left I decide that I will never work for someone again, and I didn't even look for a job... I focus on my knowledge about Internet Marketing and direct marketing and apply it to my current business. And it worked!

Like the popular rapper Fifty Cent said "Get Rich Or Die Trying", as soon it's legal :-)

I was amazed with the information in the Shawn Casey "Desperate For Money" Report. Because has no B.S. it's all pure quick step by step business ideas that can generate $1000 or more in less than 48 hours... I truly recommend it.

If you know me already, I never write reviews or critiques if I didn't think that will help my readers on their road to a successful business life. And this is not really a Desperate For Money review, it's just a quick note of recommendation for those who are desperate for quick money to pay bills or just to get started on the Online business world fast and with a very low budget.

Hope this can help you...

To Your Success,

Luis Galarza

About: Luis Galarza is a respectable Marketing and Telecommunication Consultant & CEO of Cogni360 and Associates. Want to lower your Bills, visit: http://www.Cogni360.com/.

A proud member of The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs

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