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Mother's Day of May 2009 Top Search Keywords and Trends

By Luis Galarza - Internet Business Strategies.

Is May 2009 And Mother's Day Is Here... One Best Revenue Generating Holidays! Here Are The Top Search Keywords And Trends To Help You Increase Traffic And Sales!

Most large and medium size businesses know that having a promotion calendar with strategic advertising campaigns, needs to be part of every offline or online business marketing plan. Turning a holiday into an Internet sales booster can become one of your most powerful strategies, if is done right... If you do it wrong you can scare potential customers away, and loose current ones just because your promotion didn't tell the message right or confuse your audience, which in the end goes to your competitors. To do it right you need to match and mix Mother's Day or any other holiday in such a clever way that will turn into more web traffic, more hot leads, new customers, increase of sales volume, and increase of your company net income.

I'll be writing more about how to implement an Internet marketing calendar into your business plan and make it work for you, right now I want you to see if Mother's Day 2009 keywords and trends have any micro-markets where you can profit by applying strategic niche marketing tactics.

Here are the most popular searches for this month holiday (The name of the holiday has been replace by "MD" to avoid keyword saturation):

  • 2603 MD.

  • 1270 MD poems.

  • 1147 MD gifts.

  • 1048 funny MD poem.

  • 702 MD cards.

  • 634 spanish MD poems.

  • 431 poems for MD in spanish.

  • 368 MD flowers.

  • 367 poems for MD for kids.

  • 353 when is MD.

  • 338 christian poem for MD.

  • 319 MD crafts.

  • 303 preschool crafts for MD.

  • 300 MD saying.

  • 293 printable MD cards.

  • 268 free printable MD cards.

  • 186 MD quotes.

  • 169 happy MD.

  • 156 MD gift basket.

  • 154 MD gift ideas.

  • 149 MD cards free.

  • 129 homemade MD gifts.

  • 122 MD gift.

  • 119 MD baskets.

  • 117 MD coupons.

  • 117 MD crafts for kids.

  • 108 MD printables.

  • 100 arts and crafts for MD.

  • 100 easy to make MDs gifts.

  • 86 MD jokes.

  • 83 MD ideas.

  • 78 MD clipart.

  • 69 religious MD poems.

  • 68 crafts for preschoolers for MD.

  • 64 MD cards to print color.

  • 63 MD poem.

  • 61 MD date.

  • 60 MD prayers.

  • 59 short MD poems.

  • 55 MD craft projects.

  • 54 MD sayings.

  • 53 MD poems for children.

  • 51 MD coloring pages.

  • 47 flowers for MD.

  • 47 MD craft kids.

  • 47 MD graphics.

  • 46 MD card sayings.

  • 46 MD songs.

  • 45 MD sermons.

  • 44 MD pictures.

  • 42 MD brunch.

  • 41 bible quotes for MD.

  • 38 MD project.

  • 38 what day is MD.

  • 36 free MD poems.

  • 36 MD poems for nana.

  • 35 craft ideas for MD.

  • 34 origin of MD.

  • 33 MD gift baskets.

  • 32 funny MD poems.

  • 32 MD quotations.

  • 31 mexico MD.

  • 31 MD uk.

  • 31 quote for MD.

  • 31 spanish poems MD.

  • 30 MD jewelry.

  • 28 MD cartoons.

  • 28 MD letter.

  • 28 spanish MD poetry.

  • 27 invitations for MD.

  • 27 MD presents.

  • 26 MD activities

  • 26 MD greetings.

  • 25 funny MD quotes.

  • 25 MD flower bouquets.

  • 24 MD brunch in new hampshire.

  • 24 MD flower craft.

  • 23 free MD clipart.

  • 23 MD card.

  • 23 MD facts.

  • 22 history of MD.

  • 22 julia wad howe MD peace.

  • 22 MD bible verses.

  • 22 MD clip art.

  • 21 MD craft.

  • 21 MD games.

  • 21 MD parties.

  • 21 MD present.

  • 20 poems for MD.

  • 19 funny MD cards printable.

  • 19 MD sermon.

  • 19 MD verses.

  • 18 free MD cards.

  • 18 MD australia.

  • 18 MD craft ideas.

  • 17 date for MD.

  • 17 MD history.

  • 17 MD poems for kids.

  • 16 MD crafts for children.

  • 16 MD crafts for preschoolers.

As you can see Mother's Day have many micro niches that can be taken to start a new Internet business and popular topics to help you increase web traffic for your blog or site. It all depends what your goals are... If you want you can match it with May 2008 results!

To get unlimited advice about marketing calendars and keyword research visit the IE Club.

Recommended Resources.

- Search Engine Marketing Lab: Unlimited SEO/PPC Advice.
- Cashmaps Print Newsletter. Copy these Online Business Models.
- Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online. Complete eMarketing Course.

Just make sure to take the time to do some keyword research to see which mini market have is profitable and which one match with your skills and interest. Selling on the internet becomes easier when you where people are spending their money!

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Blogger Blogging Blogs said...

Excellent list of Mother's Day popular keywords... I try to do the same as you said, n is actually working.

Thanks a lot Luis,

Blogger Blogging Blogs

Carlos R said...

Hey Luis, sorry i haven't check your blog for a while, the true is that i owe you everything, last year i came across your blog when i was looking for ways to make money online and in the research of profitable niches, then i follow your advice, I focus only in your blog information, so i didn't get frustrated or confuse by reading others people marketing advice...

Well, i was getting a little upset because i wasn't getting any type of results, untill the holidays started to show up this year. The thing is that I was targetting every single hot niche from popular holidays like you recommended. I know you also recommend to find micro niches from hot trends, but I decide to focus on holidays...

I have to thank you a million, I even want to send you a check for your information, because starting on Christmas 2008 my niche blogs starting producing a passive monthly income... Christmas alone generate over $5,000 in net profits! I was like wow....

I use all your tips about generating web traffic with free strategies and tools, I focus on building links and SEO so most of my traffic came from search engines, which you said is the kind of visitors that convert... i find out that is true, social media gave me friendly visitors, and contacts and about 5% of my earnings, the other 95% came from organic search traffic.

Right now I have about 4 blogs (I use Blogger) per holiday, and now i just focus on content and marketing.

Luis thank you so much! You are my new hero... Last month I finally quit my job, yay!!!...

Carlos R.

Luis Galarza said...

Carlos excellent job, my advice help but without action still just words on a blog... You made it happend by taking strategic action which was focus on your goals...

Great job Carlos!

And no, you don't need to send me a check... I've been paid with your success!

Yours truly,

Luis Galarza
Internet Marketing Consultant

Follow me on Twitter!

Blogger said...

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