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May 2009 Hot Trends, Top Keywords & Popular Products

By Luis Galarza - Internet Business Strategies.

Can May 2009 Have A Bright Income Opportunity For Online Marketers? See If You Can Monetize This Hot Trends And Top Search Keywords!

I personally think that May have a open opportunity to generate a profit, it all depends if you know how to spot the hot trends for this month and do the right market and keyword research that will uncover money making niches and topics that can become a new start-up or another way to increase your current income.

Some of the factors affecting this month hot markets are the warm season, warm weather sports, outside workout, more walking, more running, holidays, entertainment events, and others (more information about this in the new Trend vs Trends members only blog). Each of this factors can give you many chances to start a new Internet business or create new income streams for your current one. Just make sure is part of your goals and don't take your focus from a current important project. Because as you know jumping from one project to another one you never get nothing done, and you will never make any money that way...

The best way to do this is by starting something new after successfully finishing your current project, or hire extra help to work on the your next venture and you just manage the progress of it. Outsourcing is one the best ways to grow a business on a budget, a little more about that at the end of this post.

Here are some hot trends and keywords from some of the most popular search engines results that represent traffic and niche marketing opportunities:

1. Beyonce.

This celebrity have all kind of hot money making products that can be promoted through affiliate programs like Amazon, eBay,, and others... Some of her product are calendars, posters, music CDs, mp3's downloads (Think iTunes), movies, videos, etc..

2. Ali Larter.

3. Mike Tyson.

Looks like Mike Tyson is becoming a hot trend right now because the movie about his life will be in theaters soon. Many people know about his victories but not about his personal and financial failures. This is a flick that not just Mike fans wants to watch but also anyone who love boxing, which makes an excellent micro-niche to generate some good income from, but you need to hurry.

4. Mia Farrow.

5. Don Cheadle.

This is simple just create a fan blog about him and promote his movies... Remember he's part of Iron-man 2 movie.

6. Madden NFL 10.

Put the power of eBay affiliate program work for you here and you can see fast commission checks. Remember to select collectibles, accessories, tickets, cards, clothes, video games, and more.

7. Peanut Butter recall.

Provide news, resources, and useful information to people concern about this and promote similar products that can be use instead of peanut butter.

8. Government Grants.

This recession is making this topic an very hot trend, because there is many people looking for financial help from the Government, and is your duty to help them find what they are looking for.

9. Swine Flu.

This is the number one news now that is on high alert levels for possible pandemic. Many people already jump in the wagon and they're trying to blog about it, but nobody had done a very good job so far...

BLOGGING TIP: Don't just be the news, become the best and only
swine flu online resource center.

10. Carmen Electra.

Her strip tease workout DVDs are very hot and easy sellers, also you can promote posters, calendars, videos, movies, etc..

11. Jamie Lynn Spears.

12. Unclaimed Money.

This is actually a good business opportunity for those who like to do the run around for others and get a percentage of the findings. But, as an online niche marketer you can profit by promoting the business opportunity, books, or earn AdSense commissions by creating a resourceful site.

13. Mexico City Earthquake.


This is another excellent market to be in, because it has a big fan base and is a long term money maker, with collectibles, video games, cards, clothes, and more, is no way you cannot make money online on this market. Just find a unique way to present the information to this audience.

15. Child Obesity.

Just promote healthy food for kids and provide kids healthy eating tips for parents. Huge demand and highly profitable is if done right.

16. Ben Folds.

17. Arlen Specter.

18. Julia Roberts.

She have a good fan base and many movies for you to promote and generate revenue from...

19. Amanda Peet.

20. Aerosmith.

Think CD's, mp3 downloads, ringtones, calendars, posters, concert tickets, you name it! Promote all the products or just focus on one or few micro-niches for faster results.

21. Jeopardy.

22. Bob Dylan.

Of course you can't forget that this most holds one the best sales generating holidays which is "Mother's Day", and as marketer you can base you whole promotions on this holiday to increase your sales this month, or you can use a few other keywords or combine them together in a clever way to boost your Internet marketing campaign conversion rates.

Remember is all about results, so tweak and tune your advertising campaign to help you raise the number of responses you get from an ad. As you know selling on the Internet is all about split testing and tracking to know what needs to be change to improve conversions. Look forward for my article that will reveal some profit potential keywords and niches from the "Mother's Day" holiday.

Take a look at 8 of the most popular products for May and summer 2009:

1. Baby Strollers.

2. Nanny Jobs.

3. Antioxidants.

4. Used RVs.

5. Wolverine Video Game.

6. Surgical Masks.

7. Thank You Cards.

8. Home Gyms.

Here are some of the most popular movies that can give you some web traffic and income benefits this month:

1. Obsessed.

2. Angels & Demons.

3. More Than a Game.

4. The Hurt Locker.

5. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

6. The Soloist.

As you know you can also add Google AdSense to your stream of income generators, if you don't you will leave money on the table... Just position the AdSense ads and affiliate programs the right way to increase sales and clicks. If you want to increase your affiliate marketing results try to focus the site to recommend relevant products indirectly and directly...

Indirectly, by adding the link in the content of the site without any warning just make sure the anchor and the content of the article is relevant to the product you are promoting.

And directly is by adding a resources area in the site bar with links to related products or services or by writing recommendations, reviews, and also by adding mini recommendation during the content of your article.

MARKETING TIP: Remember niche marketing works best when is
targeting a micro niche per site or category.

After doing all that and still want to use AdSense, just don't be pushy and add the ad unites under each article or blog post, or at the bottom of your site bar.

To get unlimited advice about niche marketing and keyword research visit the IE Club.

Recommended Resources.

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- Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online. Complete eMarketing Course.

Don't try to go after the main keywords, trend, or product specially if you looking to generate money fast, instead target a long tail keyword or micro-niche for better and faster results, and then duplicate your success with other micro-niches.

To your success,

Luis Galarza,

Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

Feature on the Leominster and Fitchburg MASS News Blog.

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Nancy P said...

Very useful post LG, I'm glod I came to visit you today, I usually check your stuff on the weekend, but something told me to take a look today...

Great stuff

Nancy P

Ronny Teath said...

This post hit the spot in my niche marketing research... Thank you very much Luis.

WHo said you can't find quality information in blogger blogs? They lie!

Ronny Teath

Larry J said...

Many of this hot topics will be hot almost for the whole summer, so is a lot of good money making opportunities among this list of trends...

I already set up 4 blogs targeting 4 micro-niches that are relevant to each other so i can link them together and build my own one way back links like Luis recommends..

Great stuff LG.

Larry J

Best Network Marketing Tips said...

Wonder where did you find those top searches? Any reference website? How accurate is it?

Thanks for the many educational articles here.


Luis Galarza said...

Hi my friends, thank you for all those great comments...

The search keywords I post in this blog are 99% accurate, I use many different tools (free and paid), plus I'm a member of paid marketing research sites, which I use to help me on my daily market research.

I usually get a huge list of top trending topics and key-phrases, but I only post the daily top ones... Or I give you a complete list of the best long tail keywords use by for a top topic.

Some of the tools I use you can find on the right sidebar of this blog under "Tools".

If you are looking for free tools I recommend you to download Good Keyword is excellent application that can help you in your keyword research and is absolutely free.

More questions just leave me a message with your question at 978.425.1422


Luis Galarza,
Small Business And Internet Marketing Consultant from Massachusetts.

Follow me on Twitter


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