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Your Pitch Sucks: Free Press Releases Help On The Way

YourPitchSucks Jim KukralBy Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

If Your Press Releases Pitch Sucks, Jim Kukral Is Here To Help You For Free!

How many times have you send press releases to gain free publicity from local or national media, and actually get any good results, did you PR got published in a print or online publication? If it didn't is maybe because your pitch sucks. No, I'm not trying to put you down or anything like that, but is the truth. Your story didn't get the attention of journalists because you didn't what to write to grab them by the eye balls.

Is OK, now is a website that was created to help small online or offline business owners fix their PR pitch for free and finally get that article publish. The site is which is a new service provided by How YourPitchSucks Can Help Small Business Owner?

Jim Kukral is an entrepreneur and online marketer that has been doing marketing for about 15 years, know that when you are a beginner can become really difficult to write a good PR piece, he also send many articles that never did anything, not even tickle the journalists.

Now, just forget the name of the site, because is just a way to say that if your PR copy needs fixing you can use their free service and advice.

Jim came out with the idea after been ones the people with the problem, so he decide to help small business write better copy for their stories... He knows this is something every online or offline business can benefit from. So, why not help those entrepreneurs that are having the same problem he used to have before, he can do that now, because he learn the secrets behind writing great selling pitches from experts, from doing his own publicity research, and from the publishers themselves.

What Makes A Press Release Suck?

Some of the mistakes that Jim say he sees time and time again is that they don't understand that the media and journalist don't care about what you do, what they care about is the problems that you solve for consumers or businesses.

The media cares about, what people care about!

One way to write better content is to tide your products or services with a current event that is of high level of concern for people and turn that into a good readable story. For example: You can write a story that tides your products with current economy down turn, or like I always tell my readers is to find hot topics and find ways to mix it with your offerings into an article or story. Remember, give the media, what the consumer wants and you will win!

One reason why Jim refer to this as a "Pitch" is because everything in marketing or sales is a pitch... Every time you write an ad, a sales letter, a commercial, a press release, etc., all this needs to have some kind of pitch that is communicating the message to your audience to convince them to do something, which can be to call a toll free number, fill an email form, press the "buy now" button, or follow a set of steps, all this was done by a pitch.

Your marketing is as good as your sales pitch!

So, What About Online PR Services?

Online PR services are great for extra exposure, but this approach is consider a good way to get one way back links to your site, which will help you improve your search engine ranking. But, you need to remember that if your story is good enough you don't have just relay on SEO, because free publicity in a top targeted source can help you gain higher levels of exposure, in a short period of time.

If you are a small business owner you need to know that your story needs to get the journalist engage with your content that is full of benefits for the end consumer. Just imaging having your story pick by CNN, New York Times, ABC, Oprah, etc., just imaging the results that exposure will brind to your bsuiness, how many new customers you will gain, how many new sales, how many leads, how much profit, etc...

All the online PR services are good to syndicate your story through RSS feeds, content sites, and to get that link back to your site, which is good for SEO. But if you have a good story you can get better exposure if you put it in the hands of the right journalist, with the right pitch, of course. A publisher will give you and your company instant credibility, mass exposure, may also help you get contact by other top journalists, and even get your story on TV, all for free.

Of course you can another company to do the press release submission for you, and they can use their contacts to have your story publish, but if your pitch is not good not even they can help you. Plus, you will be paying a lot money for such service, that can be easily done by you.

Another thing you need to avoid is to send too many bad PR peices to the media, because eventually they will put your company in the black book of those that never are going to get media attention.

The Service Is Free, Is It Good?

Well, just and case you are wondering if YourPitchSucks free PR evaluation and advice service is reliable, the answer is yes. Jim is not the only one checking the press releases and giving advice, he has reporters, journalists that actually work for magazines, also have a team of publicity and PR experts that will be evluating the articles, too. And he's also hiring experts.

So, you will getting professional service for free...

Of course, they also have some paid packages starting for $150 where they will write the pitch for you, which is cheaper than many other offers you can find.

The Next Important Part.

One of the most difficult things for small business is how to get your article into the hands of the right people. The distributing to the people that matters is really important. One thing you can do is send it to PRWeb, or social media releases.

But, the best way to do it is to find journalists and contact them directly, this way they know that they are getting the exclusive content. Now your article need to have a good title or headline to make them read the rest...

FACT: You only have around 3 to 4 seconds to get their attention.

Well, now you have a spot on the Internet where you can drop your PR peices and have them check by the pros for free and get advice on how to writer it better.

To get unlimited advice about publicity and press releases visit the IE Club.

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In Conclusion: I completely recommend Jim's free publicity review service. Let me tell you you cannot just fin such a quality service for zero investment. If you are planning to use PR as a your Internet marketing strategy this site can help you send the best story that you can to ensure publishing.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Lemy said...

One that i know is that pitch page must be a selling letters...

What i mean is if our customer don't like our pitch page, we lost them...

Owner of
Plug-And-Profit Money Making System

Luis Galarza said...

Lemy thank you for sharing your tips.... Is true the sales pitch on every part of our marketing have to be good if not is going to make you loose potential customers.

To your success,

Luis Galarza

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marketinguide said...

a clear illustration of ideas. Thank you for your posting luis anda thank for your idea, lemi..

Maqbool Ahmad said...

Thanks for nice sharing cheap web hosting.

Ronny D said...

Very cool service, I wish they had this long time ago... But, never is too late, I going to see if they can help me get some local coverge in newspapers or TV.

Great blog LG.

Ronny D

Lorey J said...

Jim Kukral is crazy Internet marketers and business man that always try to think out of the box. Love his stuff and services.

I guess this is nothing below excellent!

Lorey J

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