Monday, November 22, 2010

Web Conversions vs. Long Term Business Relationships

Which one your thing is better to build a successful online venture, web conversions or long term business relationships?

My answer is both!

This is the question my friend Mike Hill ask the other day on Facebook. He had many great comment from his peers and me :o). But, I needed to extend my answer a little bit more to help you understand me.

To answer this I need to take this matter to an offline view!

10 years ago [wow time goes fast, but still looking young and sexy :-) ] when I used to be a car sales person. The first dealer I worked for didn't care about nurturing a customer for life, they were all about the "sell it now" approach without discounting the vehicle, which was a great way to learn how to be a strong sales, but didn't work in a relationship based business.

The second, dealer I work for years after did the complete opposite. They sell the cars for the lowest price they could, to avoid any negotiation, also they will let you test drive, check numbers, take the car to your mom to see it, etc., they give you a non-pushing sales approach.

So, because I'm someone that like to build a long lasting relationship with my prospects and customers I quick the first dealer, and when to work for the one that prefer to build a relationship and let the prospects to make a decision for them self.

Now, the front sales and customer retention conversion rate were different. But, at the end I was making almost the same amount of money per month from both stores.

The only different was, that the relationship building dealer took a few month to meet my passed income from my previous sales job.

So, I think at the end it all comes down to one thing: "VALUE!"

It doesn't matter if your focus on building a long term business or getting a lot of leads and sales right from the beginning, just make sure that whatever your offer is, have lots of VALUE for your audience.

Do you agree with me?

Yours truly,

Luis E Galarza,
Internet Business Specialist.

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