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Black Friday Email Campaign + Affiliate Marketing = Success (Case Study)

As you know Black Friday after Thanksgiving is one of the best sales and marketing events of the year in the U.S., and is normal for affiliate marketers to take advantage of this great sales generating event online and offline.

In this case study we use:

- Create two report or ebooks with good quality information.
- A 4 to 5 days mini-course.
- Email campaign to our list.
- A simple video host on Veoh ( ) or any other video sharing site.
- A easy to set up landing page.
- A special offer with a coupon code.
- A high quality affiliate product.

If this email campaign is done right you can increase sales and your revenue in that single weekend.


Ok so here are the steps to follow:

1) Decide what product you want to offer. Try to pick a product that is on demand or an evergreen item (a product that is always on demand).

2) Write four to five useful articles as part of the email mini-course you gonna send.

3) Create two reports one about mistakes made in your niche, and the second one make it a list of 10 or more useful tips.

4) Deliver both download links on a "thank you for being a great subscriber" landing page. Send the first one on Tuesday together with the last article from the course and the second one on Wednesday.

5) Add your affiliate link and promotional recommendation at the end of each article from the course, in each of the digital reports, in your "thank you" landing pages. Without any type of deal or bonuses.

6) At the end of your email course ask your subscribers to please share the message with their peers. Even post them on their blog or as Facebook notes. But they need to let the copy and links untouch!

7) Send your offer on Thursday morning before noon (12pm), so they can get your offer before they go party and before they spend all their wallets at Walmart.

8) Now send the same message in the afternoon and on ever single day until Sunday. But, each time before sending it add a industry fact, news, or mistake at the beginning of your message to show them how much they need that product.

9) Make sure your offer is a very irresistible one, but over do it! Think of something you can offer to make your leads take action today.

10) On the offer landing page video explain the benefits of the product, the benefits of your offer. Tell them what they getting and when the offer will expired.

Here is the first email ad copy that we send to our opt-in list:

"Subject: [BLACK Friday] 50% OFF All Packages at *HostGator* (Video Inside)

Copy Body: Don't Miss This SALE Luis

This Is Really Going To Help!

Watch The Video Here...


I'd advise you to take
action FAST...

Then Get a Hold Of Me
and Let's get Rolling..

Hurry and Get Your Complementary Marketing and eBusiness Start Up Coaching By Email Today.

To Your Success,

Your name.


You can use this system for the day after Christmas and New Years sale promotions. So, put it to work and see how good it works. Tomorrow I show you how to boost your sales from the same campaign.

To your success,

Luis E Galarza,
Email & Affiliate Marketing Specialist.

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