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Publishing Free eBooks That Will Become Powerful Viral Marketing Tools

The Main Reason New Entrepreneurs Don't Write and Distribute Free eBooks, Reports or Whitepages Regardless Of It's Viral Marketing Power, Is Because They Are Afraid To Give Out Their Valuable Secrets, And Prospects Wouldn't Buy Their Main Information Product. You Don't Have To Be Scare Anymore To Release Those Powerful Viral Marketing Tools, Here Is Why...

Is time to start writing your free ebooks and planning your viral marketing campaign, because the more people you introduce to your quality content, the more leads you are going to generate, and you will increase your online revenue in no time. Because information is what it's going to free you from having lack of money, information is going to make you an authority, quality information is going to make you an expert, information is going to build your online business, original content will help you rank better on search engines, information will grow your business faster, information will lower your advertising expenses, information is going to give you an edge over your competitors, and finally all that content will become a very lucrative asset for your Internet business and for you.

Now when I said this, I'm not telling you to give all your best secret tactics or techniques to your prospects, but you need to provide quality content that is original and delivers at least one good simple solution or tip that will help your ebook readers that specific problem they are facing, or at least part of it. If the content delivers high price value knowledge, you will have more chances on turning those leads into customers, and build such a huge trust that will make them come back to you every time they need a product that will deliver real solutions for a fare price.

Benefits of Publishing Free eBooks or Whitepages.

One of the main benefits of writing and distributing your free whitepages or reports (also known as viports or viral reports) is the viral marketing power behind such a simple but very effective Internet marketing strategy. If the information is good and well targeted to a niche problem, and have the right marketing twist, your reports will be able to spread like wild fire on an extremely dry and hot day. But other than the viral marketing explosion...

- You will get web authority.

- You will gain expert recognition.

- Increase brand awareness.

- Increase market reach.

Is It Good And Ethical For eBook Publishing To Be Use As Viral Marketing Tool?

The answer is yes! Many top online marketer and fortune 500 companies had been using viral report to grow their business and drive targeted traffic to their site for years, some of the Internet marketing experts and online businesses that used viral ebooks marketing successfully are:
  • Mark Joyner.
  • Ewen Chia.
  • Cory Rudl And Derek Gehl.
  • John Reese.
  • And many more...

eBook viral marketing is very ethical way to communicate your message to customers, because you are educating them to become an smarter buyer, and at the same time you are hopping that your content was good enough that will have them trust you to purchase your main infoproduct.

The Easiest Way To Create eBooks, Reports or Whitepages That Will Help You Increase Sales For Your Main Product.

There are many ways to create ebooks or reports that possess a powerful viral marketing touch, but the easiest way for you to have a quick viral ebook to promote your main infoproduct is by distributing part of your original book for free, this can be:
  1. A free chapter.
  2. A free example of the advice in the book.
  3. Free preview of the table of content.
  4. A free set of articles from the ebook.

Etc... Well you get the idea, just make sure whatever you give for free have a high price value and quality content.

Benefits of Publishing Viral eBook Marketing Campaigns.

I already point some the main benefits of publishing ebooks or whitepages, now I want to give you the main reasons why you should turn them into a viral marketing campaign. The best viral reports or viports are the one that don't need much push for the influencer (influencer; is the person, site or group of both that have the potential to distributing your marketing message to a lot of targeted prospects) to to spread the word about your digital book, that's why this type of marketing campaigns can help you:

- Automate your syndication process.

- Increase your market reach.

- Automate your Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

- Generate free PR from social media networks.

- Increase your customer base.

- Increase sales and revenue.

- Lower your advertising expenses.

- Open doors for more income streams.

Now it's time to take action on what you learn today, and don't wait for the next post or marketing tip. Act on what you already know and then learn and apply new strategies.

Recommended Resources.

- Create Viral eBooks.

In Conclusion: As you can see creating viral ebooks or reports is not that difficult, is all about taking action... If you already have an information product, just take a good chapter and give it away for free, that will put some fuel in your marketing.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Free Website Analysis For Local Businesses.

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Dave H said...

Thank you very much for these tips, I'll be trying to create my own viral ebooks to promote the publishing of my new ebook and audio, but didn't know what to put in it... I want the content to be good and original, without giving away the main tips.

Your post just save me a lot of time and brainstorming... Thanks again.

Dave H.

Sherrie said...


Truly this post revealed benefits of ebooks.

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