Saturday, February 18, 2006

AFFILIATE MARKETING: Focus To Duplicate Sales

By Luis Galarza

Free Affiliate Marketing Tips & Advice.- Don't make your web pages a multiple affiliate sales promotion for all your visitors. This will make pages just end up being a confused mess of affiliate banners and links that don't do any selling.

Use the "One page per product" system - not only does this help you focus the whole page to sell this product, but it also helps this page rank well in the search engines, by using related keywords on the page. Once you've created a page for Product 1 then you can basically duplicate this page for Similar Product 2 and Similar Product 3, just change the names, alter the content and specific product details - you now have 3 highly targeted selling pages.

Then submit this pages one by one to search engines ( at least once a month, after you do some content updates. don't change the content add more selling points to it, change it only if you have to, like if the product is no longer available. Now if you keep adding affiliate partners to your site just keep using the same system for each.

Meaning that you will have a lot more pages on your site so remember that a good navigational system is important to allow the visitors to find their way around. Good pages and site design goes a long way, so keep it clean of banner clutters.

About Author: Luis Galarza is a Business and Communication Consultant. Learn how to save money own your phone bill at: And get your free business tips at:
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