Friday, November 19, 2010

Turn Into Marketing Renegade With a CPA Automation Software (interview)

All I can say right now is WOW! After I spoke with my dear friend Saj about this new (everyone else) so call 'Automatic Profit Machine' software or app that can put your CPA based promotions on autopilot and turn each campaign into a complete success.

"CPA: Meaning 'cost-per-action.' Is a type of affiliate program pay their or associates every time they send traffic to their landing pages and the visitor does some kind of action, which can be: Filling up a online application, subscribe to a newsletter, get quotes, submit their zip codes, buy something, etc.."


Me: I seriously didn't expect this to cause such a outrage. Well is awesome to know that there is such CPA marketing tool that can turn you into a web renegade and help profit in a very systematic way.

Saj: I don't how you convenced me for this interview. All my peers, partners and even my friends are calling me a judas... they feel betrayed and sold out BUT I want to remain defiant, because I think I'm doing what's right!

Me: That's great you think that way Saj. It seems there's enough money for everyone to share even with the release of what some have called the most powerful cash machine outside of the federal reserve! :o)

So, what you providing is just the training?, or is it more?

Saj: Not only is I revealing the exact systems I and a select few have been quietly profiting from for the last few years now...

I'm also 'giving away' the very software that makes earnings like $109,586.95 a month all possible.

Me: So, is like putting your hand on The cash siphon itself!

Saj: Luis affiliate marketers need to forget getting lucky with a promotion... not having a clue why you made money or how to do it again.

I give You get the complete blueprint... Seriously nothing is held back, this is as good if not better than a lottery win believe me... you've heard the saying:

'Give a man a fish you feed him for a day.'

Well that's what everyone else is doing for poor new entrepreneurs... not in this CPA business package though. What you get here is the rod and someone to show you how to fish...

Me: So, you telling me that whoever get this affiliate system can make money for time to come? That's awesome!

Saj: Yes, it also includes Simple Copy & Paste campaigns... allowing you to profit exactly as I do every single day.

Me: What about market and keyword research?

Saj: You don't have to worry about that, I show exactly how you can not only profit but literally clean up everyday... even in the most competitive niches like dating or weight loss.

Me: But, to do this you need a lot of laser targeted web traffic. Do you think you have a lot of information about that area?

Saj: Don't worry, I cover that too. I teach you where to get Insane amounts of FREE and paid traffic, making sure you're always way ahead of the competition.

Me: I really love of the new traffic strategies you teach there. But, I personally I fail in love for the software, it's an absolutely wonderful tool.

Saj: I know, I consider myself lucky for developing this magic CPA tool. But, I also provide the plan a online marketer needs to do to make more money and work less... this alone is worth it's weight in gold.

But, you and many others said this affiliate app is the 'holy grail' of Internet Marketing the previously missing piece in the puzzle you've been agonizing over...

The 'Profit Pulling Software' responsible for banking over $90K a month.

Me: Saj, what is your desperate attempt to limit the damage caused to their own profits?

Saj: I have to apologize about that. I'm being put under increasing pressure to close this whole thing down.

Me: Well, hopefully many people get have the training the software before you close the doors. Thnk you Saj for helping us understand a little bit more the power of such a great tool and marketing materials.

Saj: Always a pleasure Luis...

As you can see he might be taking this down, I hope not, but you never know. But, if anyone want to get access and finally discover what it feels like to live the life you deserve to enjoy the freedom you've dreamed of...

Then take action now and find out for yourself, watch the video at

This is a close as it gets to 'push button' money! Let me know what you think about it, and what are your mayor CPA affiliate promotion challenges.

To your success,

Luis E Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

List Building + CPA Offers = Sales

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