Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free SEO Webinar: How To Get Number One Spot On Google In 10 Minutes

My good friend from the beautiful UK... Has created something totally unique that is changing peoples lives daily!

His name is Phil Henderson has agreed to share the exact same strategies with
you via a live screen share 30th November (tonight) at 7pm EST. So, I interview him so he can tell you in his own words what is all about.


Me: What can entrepreneurs expect from the webinar?

Phil: During this live webcast you'll get to see the exact methods I uses to get ranked on Google in under 10 minutes!

Me: Some people might think this is pure BS, pardon my French, but is too many marketers claiming things and never deliver. You know that!

Phil: True! But, now this is a "reveal all" SEO webinar, there's no "smoking mirrors" this is tell it as it is type of training. Your audience will be able to see me work right on their computer screens.

Me: So, is this a great strategy for beginners? As you know many newbies are online trying to make money but haven't found the right to do it.

Phil: Of course Luis! The best part about this SEO training web seminar; what I'm going to share is so Stupidly Simple a six year old child can do it!

Me: It's awesome that after some... OK a LOT of "arm twisting"... you agreed to share your hidden Facebook strategies. After the VIP webcast I said to myself "This is GOLD DUST..." :o)

Phil: I feel lucky I managed to crack the code to getting facebook fan pages ranked on Google out of Millions of competitors.

Luis just imagine that, a free Facebook page out ranking his competitors who
will have...

** Paid for their domain names.

** Had to pay a pretty penny for hosting their site.

** Spend hours creating their sites or paying someone else to do it!

** Have to work hard to get them ranking or again paid some one a pretty penny to do the SEO.

Me: I know! It's so awesome that you're doing it all for free, day in and day out!

Phil: Yes, I use it to drive a TON of web traffic to my CPA Offers, my other Affiliate offers, websites, customers websites...

You name it and I can deliver free traffic buy the truck load.

And you know what traffic means...


Me: Of course! Now this is the only presentation of it, I know you gave a little notice because you didn't want many people to know about it.

Phil: Yes, Luis, this is probably the last time ANYONE will ever get to see these methods as they really are that POWERFUL.

I only agreed to do this as I'm winding down for the Christmas period and I wants to give back.

Me: I just know listeners are going to be blown away with the information and the strategies you use.

Phil: Yes, you'll also be able to set these up yourself in a matter of minutes and begin dominating the search engines at will.

Yes these methods really are that incredible.

Me: So for one night only everyone are going to get access to this no-holds
barred event.

Here's the link again.


I look forward to seeing you all there. I hope you can make it!

To your success

Luis E Galarza,
Web & Social Marketing Specialist.

Add list building to your arsenal for long term business:

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