Sunday, April 11, 2010

12 Popular Viral Videos For Your Marketing Inspiration

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

What a Better Way to Learn How To Use Online Videos As a Viral Marketing Tool Than Watching And Analyzing Today's Most Popular Videos!

Viral Video Infection!

You can learn a lot about how to create your own engaging online video show on YouTube or any other media sharing site, including Facebook, by observing other top creators style and filming strategies. But, don't get scare about that, because you are going to notice that most of the videos bellow were created by regular people like you and me without any top notch Hollywood type of equipment. Instead, they use regular camcorders or cameras, and some even use their cellphone to take this mini-films.

This can show that the quality of the shots is not as important as the quality of the content. If you learn anything from my previews video marketing posts you already know a few strategies to make your content viral or spreadable!...

So, make sure to combined or adjust the strategies and styles you are about to learn today into your marketing campaign. Keep uploading videos and practicing how to make then better and more engaging, but at the same time keeping the content focus to your targeted audience and your goals.

OK let's get to the vids!....

Top Spreadable Mini-Films!

1. iPad SUCKS!!!

2. Du Willst Auffallen?

3. Jake and Amir: Chat Roulette.

This video has embedding turn off. But, because of content is better to watch it over at YouTube anyways.. LOL!....


5. Look At My Face! (Ep. 20).

6. Smosh: Smeagol Loves The Precious.

7. Polish President Lech Kaczynski dies in place crash in Western Russia.

8. Asians Aren't Short!

9. Prank Call WIN!

10. HOT DENTAL ASSISTANCE! (4/7-8/10-306).

11. Hardly Working: Uptight Stoners.


Hope you enjoy the films, and learn a lot from them, I know I did! Also I recommend you to remember that some styles or strategies may not work for every business or targeted niche, so make sure you create your videos with your audience in mind.

Recommended Resources.

QUICK PROFIT TIP: When filming your videos make sure to get your own style or personality on them, if is true, it would perceive better by your viewers. Then test, and learn what type of content produce the best results. This way you ca apply what you learn on your next films.... Just don't stop testing and tuning your videos to gain the best responses.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.
Proud member of the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

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1 comment:

Tory D said...

Luis you selected some great examples of well done online videos!... Thank you for sharing!

Tory D

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