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eBook Marketing Is Dead or It Is?

By Luis Galarza - Affiliate Marketing Secret Training Guide Blog

eBook Marketing Is Dead! Here Are Some Free Strategies To Bring It Back To Live And Make Your eBook Publishing Business An Online Success...

For many book consumers and writers ebook marketing and publishing is dead because many people still attach to offline paper books... In the mind of consumers the value of a paper book is 100% higher than the value of ebooks (electronic or digital books). But...

...this doesn't mean ebook marketing is dead.

Ebook marketing and publishing is just a tough market because you as self infopreneur, you are competing not just against other online information marketers in your niche, but with the paper book value that is inside every book lover.

To over come this many marketer try different ways to increase the value of their ebooks, and the most popular way to do this is by adding giveaways worth 1000's of dollars in free bonuses. This tactic works pretty good, but it's not really necessary. There is other ways to increase the value of your ebook and save it from marketing death. Also, if you are a beginner you need an ebook marketing plan that works.

My Input: "eBook Marketing Is Not Dead For Those Information Self-publishing Marketers That Add Creativity, Innovation, and Follow The Changes On This Trend And Adjust To Make The Most Out Of Those Changes."

Avoid This Mistake
PDF format doesn't add much value to ebooks, so don't let the gurus tell you that you have to distribute your product in PDF, because it may not work that good for you revenue.

Hear are some of those changes and how to bring live to your ebook marketing and publishing business by simply changing with it.

1.- Online Stream Media: This is a huge on demand trend that is super hot right now and still on it's birth. What this mean for information marketers? This mean million of online users love the new interactive web that show them stuff the way they use to and love, like TV and Radio but better... This give you the opportunity to make money online by distributing your ebook in video or audio format (Podcast), this way your information product will take a new level of value in the mind of your prospects, which if is promote it the right way can be sold for a higher price than regular PDF books. Actually research shows that video or audio books can be priced 100% to 350% higher than regular paper books and PDF ebooks.

2.- Amazon As Your New Distribution Channel: Still want to keep it simple for yourself by selling PDF ebook format, it's OK! Only if you let Amazon sell your PDF ebook online and through their new wireless ebook reader called "Amazon Kindle". This new digital book reader make online electronic books available for instant download on the go.

3.- Self Updated Ebooks: imagine buying an digital book that every time the writer updates the content your book will download the new information by itself. Well, technology is getting their my dear infopreneurs... The best and most powerful ebook creator is eBook Pro. This digital book publishing tool can help you create products fast, can make your book self update every time you want to, and much more. Remember, apply innovation to your product and make worth more. How much value do you think a book that self update will have in the mind of your prospects.

4.- Sell That Information In A Monthly Basics: Did you know that membership sites are the new online cash cow... Just take a look at how many top Internet marketing experts are setting up their own membership site. Some of the most successful, because of the quality of their information and resources are:
By having your own membership site you can sell access to your ebooks, videos, and web-seminars, and make more money per customer or subscriber than if you sell those products one time to each customer.

But, their is a problem with membership sites. For you to build a powerful membership web site you need to provide high quality content, that is highly relevant to your niche or market, and you need to provide new information on a monthly basics. For many marketers membership sites is ebook marketing optimization.

Other Ways To Increase Value For Your Ebook

Provide useful tools, resources, form templates, or step-by-step plan made and design by as your bonus. If you make your bonuses unique, you are giving something of much value than the rest of your competitors. And you can increase the responses of your ebook marketing and publishing plan.

So, ebook marketing is dead only if you kill it!

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To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

About Author: Luis Galarza is a respectable Internet Marketing and Small Business Consultant in the area of Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Also, he had teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online and offline without their own product.

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Amy Richman said...

Luis you hit this subject right on the dot! I've been trying to sell a digital report in PDF ebook format through ebay and clickbank.... But, I haven't make much money.

My clickbank sales have a high return rate, and don't know why: The course is really good, I wrote it together with other 3 experts on the field and they know the book should be making me more money. And when I sell it through eBay, people there don't want to pay what the book is worth.

I going to take your advice and turn it into a physical product on DVD or Video CD format to see if I can generate more sales and lower my return rate.

Do you have any other advice for me, please all the help will be appreciated.

Yours truly,

Amy Richman

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