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Why Ebook Publishing Business Is The Perfect Online Based Start-up For Beginners

By Luis Galarza - Affiliate Marketing Secret Training Guide Blog

Ebook Publishing Business and Marketing Is The Way To After Blogging, Promoting Affiliate Programs, Adsense, And MLM... Your Own Ebook Give You The Jump To Extreme Earnings!

Online ebook publishing business and marketing is one of the hottest trends on the Internet. Ebooks are actually consider to be a powerful new marketing medium that can help you provide and share valuable content and knowledge to your target market that can help you position yourself as an expert on your field. And with more and more people getting connected to the Internet every single day give you the open opportunity to show your ebook marketing message to millions of qualify prospects. Maybe this is why information self publishing has reach a high demand level that is actually creating it's own industry.

Like any other industry that was change by the Internet and their new technology development which made it easy, simple, and cost effective for many type of products and services to turn the Internet into their main distribution channel, like music (iTunes, Naspter), movies (Netflix, and Vidoe on demand or VOD), TV (still on it's birth days but worth mention IPTV or Interactive Television), games (Gamefly, and online video game arenas), many business and personal software (tax preperation, business document sharing, sales management, CRM), and others ebook publishing and marketing also change the way writers publish their books, give them the opportunity to become self publishers, which turn them into business owners in charge of the whole development and distribution process. Plus, their profit per sale was 100% theirs.

I don't think The book publishing industry main players will try to erase print books from the market, simple because print books sill have a bigger demand that even those consumers that buy ebooks are still hook to their prints. Instead, the print industry needs to change and adjust the way the do business and their marketing to keep their offline book stores open and lucrative. One big player already so the market potential of ebooks and already is doing something about it... yeah, you know who I'm talking about, Amazon! Amazon have develop the latest best ebook reader called Amazon Kindle which let readers buy and download ebooks from theie online retail (e-tail) store.

Now that I finish my long and burring overview of online ebook publishing business and marketing potential, here is a list of unique abilities that make this medium the perfect online based start-up for beginners and experts:

1.- Publishing an ebook is really easy to do and cost of production is extremely cheap compare to print books, because you don't need a publishing company, a book agent, printing is necesary, and you can forget about finding a distributor, because you don't need it.

2.- To develop a ebook the only thing you need are: Good content, some writing skills or you just can hire a ghostwriter at eLance, and an ebook publishing software or compiler or a good publishing business system.
3.- Online distributing of your ebook is easy and fast. After each purchase the customer gets re-directed to your download page, where a single clicks can put deliver the ebook right to their computers instantly.

4.- Because is not printing needed, updating your ebook is very easy. Just go to the original file of your ebook in your computer and do the changes you want to make and done. the ability of fast updating let the open door for your knowledge to flow and fill the book with as much information as needed.

5.- The instant deliver feature that ebooks posses help you avoid go to your local bookstore or even read a ton of book titles on online bookstores. With ebooks you just click download and is instantly deliver to your PC.

6.- One of the most unique abilities of ebooks is that can be turn into interactive marketing tools. Because you can integrate surveys for readers to fill, order forms for your main or back-end products, you can even add sound and video to better present the information to your readers, also you can provide active links to online resources that will extend and enrich the content of your ebook. Just imaging the possibilities.

7.- Ebooks are a permanent Internet marketing medium better than TV and radio which usually runs a show a few times. It's also better than some online marketing methods like banners, PPC and others that need constant investment for them to keep showing your message to web prospects... Ebooks like any other traditional print book is store, in this case in the computer and readers can refer back to it any time they want to. Plus, people can also print it out and put it together with their library of print publications.

8.- And at last ebooks set you free from the long publishing process that print books require before the book even get to shelve. No more manuscripts to submit, or agents to wait for... by the time a writer try to publish a print book that will compete against yours you already have a ton of sales and a email list of responsive customers that will generate even more revenue on a on going basics.

Remember that all you need is writing skills a good software and a direct response website... that with the right ebook marketing strategy plan you can bring targeted web traffic to your site and turn them into customers.


An ebook publishing business give a beginner the control of the whole distribution and marketing aspect of your start-up... and you don't have to wait for nobody, no editor, no agent, no publisher, because you are all of them and more.

Also, you need to know that products that can be delivered electronically over the Internet have a tremendous advantage over anything else that you might decide to market online. Problems like expensive delivery charges, wrong addresses, stocking and packaging delays, snail mail slow downs, etc. are entirely eliminated, and this extra savings turn into more profit for you.

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To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts

About Author: Luis Galarza is a respectable Internet Marketing and Small Business Consultant in the area of Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Also, he had teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online and offline without their own product.

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