Tuesday, January 29, 2008

InfoBizCreator And Derek Gehl Sucks - Scam Review With No BS

By Luis Galarza - Affiliate Marketing Secret Training Guide Blog

InfoBizCreator Completely Suck! And The Big Problem For Me Is That Is Not A Scam... Or Nothing Like That. Here Is My Zero BS Review About Derek Gelh's New Product For Beginner Infopreneurs.

Here is why I said that InfoBizCreator and Derek Gehl suck! Is because he just jump into the market that I was already working on with my programmers to develop a software that can he ebook marketing beginners to develop not just a information product with automatic promotion tools in simple steps. I was about to put it together with my new ebook that will be launch in March about ebook marketing strategies for beginners with no money and business education.

I need to forget about that ebook marketing software project

Because Derek (CEO of the Internet Marketing Center) has all that and more, full with training manuals and one-on-one couching on his new InfoBizCreator, yeah that's right... I got the pleasure of taking a private tour through the web site and let me tell you it has everything an entrepreneur needs to build a successful ebook publishing business.

The Internet Marketing Schee blog has a good post about what's included in the InfoBizCreator ebook publishing business system which by the way will be sold to only 250 people to ensure ebook marketing success to each of them:
"Info Biz Creator! Launched on Jan 24, 2008!

Just 250 People Get Access to ALL of the Tools, Resources, and
Expert Support You Need to Jumpstart Your Own BOOMING,
Fully-Automated Internet Business From Scratch!

It has taken me more than an hour to walk through all the details
of this offer...And all I can say is...
...Amazing...Absolutely Unbelievable!

If you're one of the Lucky 250 Info Biz Creator private passwords,
you'll gain access to Info Biz Creator's online 'Mission Control'
TODAY and be taken right into completing:
Five (5) "Derek-holds-your-hand" Steps to create everything you
need to build a money-making website from Scratch That Pulls
Cash From The Internet Like a Vacuum on Steroids!

Nobody knows how soon all the 250 positions will be completely
taken up. You may still try...
Click Here

Finally, There's a Way For You to Get Your Foot In the Door!

5 Simple Steps To Become An Instant Info-publishing

Step #1: Writing a Money making eBook...Quickly, Easily,
and Painlessly:
    * How to choose a smoking hot topic for your ebook that
    will become a surefire money-maker

    * Get Unlimited Access to Yanik Silver's "Public Domain
    Riches" Toolbox

    * Ready-to-Go eBooks You Can Start Selling Right

    - How to get "reprint rights" to other people's ebooks

    - Access to IMC's Reprint Rights Treasure Trove
    The rights to re-sell some of the most profitable eBooks...
    professionally written and packaged, and ready to sell

    * Be taught the 3 Steps to Writing a Short, Wildly Profitable
    eBook, or Hiring Someone to Write It For You.
Step #2: How to Package Your Information Product
Using the 'Net's Top eBook Software:
    * 12 months FREE access to IMC's Top-Rated 'eBook Pro
    Business Edition' Software

    * Easy-to-Follow Wizards

    * Cherry Pick from Dozens of Stunning eBook Templates,
    images and graphics

    * Easy "Set It and Forget It" Automation

    * Burglar-Proof "Cyber Theft" Protection

    * Create Text, Audio and Video eBooks

    * Free Previews, Limited-Time Trials, and More

    * ... And also 12 Months of FREE, Secure Hosting.
Step #3: Choose an eBook Sales Website That Will Sell Your
eBook Like Hotcakes:
    * Access to IMC's Private Library of Sales Websites with
    over 40 website templates and website headers at your

    * A WYSIWYG Editor

    * How to Register Your Domain Name and Hosting Guide

    * A 'Setting Up Easy Online Payments' Tutorial - The IMC
    Team will hold your hand through every aspect of how to
    setup a PayPal account and "plug" it into your eBook website
    ... so you can automatically accept and process online
    payments while you sleep.
Step #4: How to Write Compelling Salescopy That
Performs Better Than a Top Salesperson:
    * 12-Step Formula for Writing Million-Dollar

    * PLUS... IMC's '60 Second Salesletters' Software
Step #5: How to Drive Swarms of Targeted Traffic to Your
Website... for FREE:
    * Search Engine Optimization Secrets

    - SEO 101 video Tutorials

    - Link Building

    - How to use article directories to drive traffic/visitors to
    your site

    * Step-by-Step 'Getting Started with Pay-Per-Click
    Advertising' Guide

    - $145 in FREE Pay-Per-Click Credits For Your Website

    - How to Sell Your eBook on eBay...

    - The Secrets to Upselling

    - How to Instantly Create New Streams of Income...
Derek emphasizes:
"Nothing Will Be Left Up to Chance When It Comes to YOUR
...We're also going to hold your hand through the entire process!"

And 3 Super Bonuses!"
In order to watch a video and get a "sneak peek" of what this program's all about, go to:

- InfoBizCreator Sneek Peek Video

Yes, I hate the fact that Derek finish his information publishing business system first, but I have to give it to him, he created a super money making program. I completely recommend you sign up today hopefully is not to late.

Get more information about InfoBizCreator here.

To learn how can you be part of the Internet Entrepreneurs Club click here.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant

About Author: Luis Galarza is a respectable Internet Marketing and Small Business Consultant in the area of Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Also, he had teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online and offline without their own product.

A proud member of
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Anonymous said...

Clever affiliate site for Gehl. But can the writer of this article not write proper English? The grammatical mistakes in this article alone should make anyone question the validity of it.

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