Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Selling Video Infoproducts In Blue Ray Disc or HD DVD Is Useless

By Luis Galarza - Affiliate Marketing Secret Training Guide Blog

If Start Selling Video Infoproducts In Blue Ray Disc or HD DVD... Will The Resolution and HD Video Format Increase The Value Of Your Product And Lower Returns? Is It The Right Time For This Strategy? Or This Tactic Is Just An Useless Marketing Idea!

A few of my Internet marketing consulting customers ask me about this matter... They already selling a video information product in standard DVD format and are having a lot of success, distributing the video training material online and offline. But, they think that they will be able to increase the price of their product by updating the format into Blue Ray Disc or HD DVD which make their product value increase in the mind of their prospects and customers.

All those assumptions are true... but, there are bigger problems that will make this ebook marketing strategy unsuccessful, or even useless.

Here are some of the problems for anyone thinking on selling video infoproducts in Blue Ray Disc or HD DVD format:

1.- Trend Is Hot But Not Enough Market Potential
Before you thinking on selling any type of ebook or information products you need to know who will be your customers, and in the case of Blue Ray and HD DVD there is not enough prospects, because standard DVD still the top selling format. Meaning that a lot of consumers still haven't update to HD yet. This fact makes this strategy useless...

2.- Not A Solution For Beginners With Little or No Money
The tools to create Blue Ray Disc or HD DVD are very expensive for many entrepreneurs. A regular high definition player can cost you $300 or more, so just imaging how much more you need to paid to get HD recorder. Also, to create high-def video format you need high quality video production tools and software, including a good high-def ready computer.

3.- Consumers Haven't Decide Yet
This two new HD video formats are excellent for movies but consumers are confuse about which one is the best for their experience and for their money. Many people though that the Adult Industry was the one that will make the decision for us like they did with VHS and Vetamax, making VHS the winning format. This time the adult industry market adoption was slow by the fact that better and shaper video image means that their actors need to look perfect, if not any imperfection will easily be shown.

4.- Adaptation Is All About Pricing Not Just Technology
Because coupons and discounts are so successful promotion strategies, consumers and businesses are use to always be in the look out for the best deals online or offline on any type of products... This is why standard DVD format still number one in the sales race against Blue Ray Disc and HD DVD. People will adapt to this new formats as soon they become more afforable, and it doesn't matter how sharpe the image is...

Don't get me wrong HD video is a great way to improve value and to show your tutorials details but as an infoproduct the time is not there yet. Some companies specially auto web sites are already testing high definition video as part of their Internet marketing and web sales conversion tactics to make there product presentation more appealing for their visitors.

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To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts

About Author: Luis Galarza is a respectable Internet Marketing and Small Business Consultant in the area of Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Also, he had teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online and offline without their own product.

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