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The Ultimate Resources Guide And Tutorials To Google Tag Manager [Videos]

Tag Management Made Easy!

If you follow SEO and Google latest news you should already know about the new free marketing tool released by the big "G" called Google Tag Manager. In short what this tools does is simple, it helps you uncluttered some of your website code by adding your tags somewhere else, this helps increase the speed of your website or blog which by the new search engine optimization standards will also boost your web traffic.

Tag Manager Resources.

To help you understand even further exactly what's GTM and how to use it, I curated the best articles and 5 different useful videos to help you use it the right way.

Video Tutorials.

Here are some of the best videos I found that can explain the the use of this new tool better:

1. Introduction to Google Tag Manager.

2. Features, Benefits and Terminology.

3. Google Tag Manager Set Up Tutorial.

4. How To Use GTM Containers To Install Google Analytics.

5. Previewing And Publishing Tags With GTM.

I hope you learn a lot from this instructional presentations, I know I did. You also need to know that GTM isn't the first one or the only player providing such service you should also check TagMan, here is a presentation to help you learn what they do.

This new improvement for the digital marketing and SEO world shows that Josh Manion was right on the dot when in a conference in 2010 he talk about specifically about tag management and how a solution or tagolution like he calls it was needed to fix this issue!

Here is the video replay of that summit:

As you can see there are many great benefits about this new service added to the Google toolbox for webmasters.

Other Web Articles.

Here is a list of some great post about GTM you may be missed:

Digital marketing made (much) easier: Introducing Google Tag Manager.
Tags are tiny bits of website code that can help provide useful insights, but they can also cause challenges. Too many tags can make sites slow and clunky; incorrectly applied tags can distort your measurement; and it can be time-consuming for the IT department or webmaster team to add new tags—leading to lost time, lost data, and lost conversions.
- Google Tag Manager: New Google Product.
Basically, according to Phillip Klien, a tag management system is a solution that controls the deployment of externally hosted JavaScript “page tags”, very similar to what a Content Management System does for content. It helps optimizing website performance and lets webmasters focus on other important tasks. 
- Google Tag Management System Links Channels.
Google introduced a tag container and management platform Monday to support companies using multiple tracking tags.
- Google's Tag Manager To Simplify Tagging For Marketers.
Google’s latest feature will allow marketers to focus less on the technical aspect of a marketing campaign by consolidating website tags with a snippet of code, allowing management from a single web interface. 
Google Wants To Make Your Site a Little Bit Faster With Its New Tag Manager For Analytics And Marketing Tags.
The challenge that Google is trying to fix is this: there are a lot of analytics, marketing and advertising services that websites can use today to monitor how their content is used, and to better monetize that content. But with each service comes a bit of code that needs to be incorporated into the site. Each piece of code means speaking with different third-party services, and that can slow a site down to no end. (Just look at the bottom of your screen on a slow-loading site and you can often see the passage of these different services.)
Google expands analytics toolset with Tag Manager.
Some of the features range from simple tasks to preview mode and tag templates to more in-depth functions such as debugging console and asynchronous tag loading designed to prevent any slow down on the user-visible part of the site.

Personally I already added this to my tool-set to help my marketing and coding efforts. Are you planning to use GTM anytime soon? If, yes, how will you plan to implemented?

To you coding success,

Luis Galarza.
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