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Internet Business For Sale To A Qualify Buyer

If you are looking to purchase an online business with a current good cash flow and targeted web traffic? Please read this ENTIRE Post to THE END!!

My friend Gary is selling on of his new but already profitable Internet business, which is design and completely set up to build your list, sell a on-demand product, and even up-sell your customers to increase profits per client.

Here is what's his offering in his own words (interview):

Me: Gary, why are you giving up this online venture?

Gary: I've decided to put my most popular and successful web business up for sale due to my VERY BUSY AND SWAMPED coaching calendar.

Me: So, the first person who contact you will be able to purchase this venture from you? Or, are there some kind of rules?

Gary: I've decided to let it go to the ONE person who can give it 100% and keep it honest and profitable for years to come.

Me: That's a very reasonable request Gary. So, what's the venture about?

Gary: The web business I'm selling is... This site cost me over $7,000 for the professional sales copy and design alone!

Me: I thought you paid more, because all the graphics and sales copy is very professional! Have you got some income from it already?

Gary: Yes, Luis! This Internet venture has made me over $6500.00 in the last 2 months and I really haven't even done a BIG launch on it yet which is even better for you!

Me: Wow! That's awesome, whoever buy this company will be able to launch the site and even more sales right from start. Is the site set up for ecommerce?

Gary: Yes, the website is Clickbank ready!

Me: That's great. What else is part of you offer?

Gary: Yes, here's what I'm including along with this proven money maker...

- Full ownership of the product in YOUR NAME.

- Full ownership of the domain name.

- Full ownership of the sales letter and graphics.

- Full ownership of all tested and proven promotional material. (ads, emails, etc...).

- Affiliate Promotion Page With Banners at:

- Customized Thank You and Download Page at

- Upsell of $97. The email course can be sold for a high as $49, after the costumer buys there is an up sell of $97. This is an total sell of $146 per costumer. All this is completely automated, take a look:

- 12 months of professional web hosting.

- 12 months of professional autoresponder service.

- 4 Personal 1-on-1 coaching with me so the new owner and I can work together and get him set and making profits quickly with the new web business.

AND... This is a BIGGIE...

* THREE endorsement emails to my personal opt-in list of over 71,102 subscribers (this alone is worth $6500.00!)! *

Me: Wow! Now that's a great offer. Whoever gets their hands on this opportunity is a very lucky person. Is there anything else people should know about this offer?

Gary: Yes, here is a VERY IMPORTANT thing they need to know before contacting me: I WILL NOT accept ANY offers from ANYONE asking me to do
this for "part of profits" or anything like that.

This web business is for SALE for 100%
ownership of a profitable Internet venture!

That's why the Payment MUST BE MADE UPFRONT!

So, please I ask you DO NOT email me if you CANNOT do this!

I ONLY want honest, hard working entrepreneurs who are going to treat this business with respect and keep the integrity in place.

Me: I understand why you need to be clear in those selling terms, you don't want trying to get such great venture for nothing and do nothing to make it grow.

Gary: Of course Luis! This business is a proven money maker and I only want someone I can trust to take ownership!

Me: So, how much this venture is worth?

Gary: This online company with EVERYTHING included above is worth over $15,000!

Me: I was thinking pass 20 big ones, but that's good. So, how much are selling it for?

Gary: I know, but I got copywriting and graphic design friends, that's why I got a good deal. But, don't worry I won't price it anywhere close to that. The right entrepreneur can get this entire proven Internet business for only $2997.00!

Me: That's an awesome bargain for such great chance to work for yourself.

Gary: Again... This is a proven, tested, money making online venture with all the extras stated above!

Me: When and how people can contact you to get their hands on this great offer?

Gary: PLEASE they can email me RIGHT NOW if they want it and I'll get right back to them. Here is my email jempub(at) Replace (at) with @ before sending your request.

I look forward to helping the right entrepreneur succeed real soon.

But, DO NOT email me if you CANNOT AFFORD do this!

Me: That's a superb money making chance, I hope you find the person to sell it to. Have a good bro...

Gary: Me too Luis, thank you for having me. Talk to you soon!

I really hope one of my blog readers get their hands on such great online venture!

To your success,

Luis E Galarza,
Online Marketing Specialist.

If you can't afford the venture for sale above, but still want to learn how to start your own business that generate leads automatically visit:

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