Friday, November 05, 2010

Internet Marketing vs. The Word "NO"

I just got an email message on Facebook from a marketer that is into promoting MLM or network marketing business programs. That had a very wrong idea of the advice many top MLM promoters always teach their downline (you can also call them sub-affiliates).

Here is the message:

"The Stupidest Lie They ALL Tell You!

The Heavy Hitters tell you "NO" is a good thing!

Go get 100 "NO's", they say. You're just getting closer to a "YES."

THIS baby is REALLY one of my favorites!

Isn't it the stupidest thing you ever heard? What nitwit came up with this idea?

The word "NO" has taken more good people out of this industry that any other word in the English language.
Picture this: all day long you've been flirting with your spouse.
At night you take a bath, candles around the tub, soft music, perfect for romance. Some hugging,some kissing.

And your spouse says "NO!"

GREAT! Just 99 more "NO"s and you'll get lucky!
And some nitwit says NO is a good thing."

Is actually very funny, but you can see right away that...he doesn't understand the concept, or he's not a sales person, or he is a completely offline or online marketing beginner!

My dear friend in the world of marketing and sales on the Internet or in real world, this concept is a real fact, no myth behind it...

In sales, depending of the market or the type of product you are trying to sell, you can have many rejections or "NO's", but what the concept is trying to tell you is that after certain amount of tries you will get a sale or a "YES"!

In Internet marketing it works almost the same way. For example; for every 100 visitors to your web site you can get only 7 people to take action on your offer, which means that your average conversion rate is 7%.

As you can see their advice is just telling that the more people that see or hear your offer, the more chances to close sales you gonna have.


The other day one of my Facebook friend share this quote with us:

"Rejection is just God's way to show you going the wrong way!"

So, you can eventually find the right one!

Keep trying hard. But, make sure all your efforts are based on getting to your goals, and that you follow a plan or system that can be adjust depending of its results.

To your success,

Luis E Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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