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Make Money Selling The Most Popular Electronics Products Online - April 2008

By Luis Galarza.

A List Of The Most Popular Electronics Products On April 2008, Means Money Making Opportunity On May, And The Rest Of The Summer!

To make money online first you need to know that electronics are one of the most popular products to sell on the Internet, also is one of the most competitive markets that you can get into... But, that doesn't mean you can't grab a peace of the action by finding a sub niche that have a good amount of daily searches which can turn into a profitable business opportunity. To help you get you started I found the most popular electronic products and a list of the top search keywords for each product.

Blogging For Money.

Knowing what electronics are on demand give you an advantage over other online entrepreneurs. So, just create a blog targeting the main product, and use the blog post to target each long tail keyword. It doesn't matter if you decide to use a free service like Blogger (blogspot blogs) or wordpress, or a paid service like Typepad, the whole secret is to provide unique quality information, and try to write a few main long articles, some small ones to keep the posting tempo. All this will help you gain high search engine rankings for your main keywords.

Multi-Income Sources.

Use Google Adsense or any other type of contextual ad network like AdBrite, and affiliate programs marketing can also give you a good second revenue. If you plan to promote affiliate programs on your blog for this type of niche market, I recommend you to use Commission Junction, Linkshare, or Amazon.

An easy way to make money with this list.

Open a free account with Squidoo and create a lens per sub niche keyword and as use all the maximum of "Tags" they program allow, just make sure each tag is related to your main keyword, this will help you gain quick traffic and sales from search engines. Squidoo have an affiliate revenue sharing system that you are free to use, but also you can use your own affiliate codes.

Most popular product list for April 2008, and Long tail search keywords:

#1 Most Popular Electronic Product To Make Money Online: Blu-Ray Disc Player.

Search Number - Keywords.
38 blu-ray disc player
31 blu-ray disc players
25 sony bdps301 blu-ray disc player
23 sony blu-ray disc player
15 sharp aquos bd-hp20u blu-ray disc player
9 panasonic dmp-bd30k 1080p blu-ray disc player
9 panasonic dmp-bd30k blu-ray disc player
7 panasonic - blu-ray disc player
6 blu-ray dvd disc player
6 panasonic blu-ray disc player
6 panasonic blu-ray disc players
6 sharp bd-hp20u blu-ray disc player
6 sony bdp-s500 1080p blu-ray disc player
4 best price on sony bdp-s500 - blu-ray disc player
4 review of the sharp aquos bd-hp20u blu-ray disc player
4 samsung - blu-ray high-definition disc player
3 best blu-ray disc player
3 panasonic blu-ray disc player with sd card slot dmp-bd30k
3 samsung bd-p1400 1080p blu-ray disc player
3 samsung bd-p1400 blu-ray disc player
3 sharp aquos bdhp20u 1080p blu-ray disc player
3 sony bdp-s300 hd blu-ray dvd disc player

#2 Most Popular Electronic Product To Make Money Online: iPod Touch.

Search Number - Keywords.
2465 ipod touch
265 dlo hip case for ipod touch
190 ipod touch games
177 ipod touch porn
155 apple ipod touch
128 ipod touch accessories
115 ipod touch repository
87 ipod touch review
85 ipod touch apps
84 ipod touch reviews
80 free ipod touch
69 apple ipod touch price cuts
68 ipod touch hacks
68 ipod touch software
66 ipod touch forum
63 ipod touch cases
58 jailbreak ipod touch
57 ipod touch wallpaper
53 ipod touch 16gb
53 ipod touch applications
50 games for ipod touch
50 song from ipod touch commercial
49 ipod touch 8gb
44 ipod touch case
42 porn for ipod touch
41 ipod touch wallpapers
38 ipod touch 32gb
38 ipod touch giveaway
34 apple 32gb ipod touch
31 cheap ipod touch
31 ipod i touch
30 ipod touch 32 gb
28 free ipod touch porn
28 ipod touch downloads
28 ipod touch installer
28 ipod touch sale
28 nes games for ipod touch
28 porn for the ipod touch
26 ipod touch commercial
26 ipod touch jailbreak
25 ipod touch sources
25 ipod touch stylus
23 ipod touch itouch iphone diagnostic mode
22 32gb ipod touch
22 absolutely free ipod touch
22 back to my mac from ipod touch
22 ipod touch price cuts
22 ipod touch programs
22 ipod touch secrets
22 touch ipod
22 wood case for ipod touch
20 enable bluetooth, ipod touch
20 incipio orion ipod touch camo
20 incipio orion ipod touch pink
20 ipod touch bluetooth
20 ipod touch internet sharing
20 ipod touch manual
20 ipod touch mods
19 incipio dermashot ipod touch clear pink
19 incipio dermashot ipod touch magenta
19 incipio kickstand case ipod touch black
19 incipio kickstand case ipod touch brown
19 incipio orion ipod touch black
19 incipio orion ipod touch green
19 ipod touch holder stand
17 apple ipod touch 32gb
17 downgrade 1.1.3 ipod touch
17 freeware copy ipod touch
17 how to downgrade from 1.1.3 on an ipod touch
17 incipio dermashot ipod touch burnt orange
17 incipio dermashot ipod touch camo
17 incipio dermashot ipod touch clear blue
17 incipio orion ipod touch burnt orange
17 incipio orion ipod touch royal blue
17 ipod touch fm transmitters
17 ipod touch hack
17 porn videos for ipod touch
15 free ipod touch game downloads
15 free ipod touch games
15 incipio dermashot ipod touch black
15 incipio dermashot ipod touch clear
15 incipio orion ipod touch chocolate
15 ipod touch 1.1.3 unlock
15 refurbished ipod touch
15 what does the ipod touch do
14 32gb apple ipod touch
14 apple ipod touch 8gb
14 customizer for ipod touch
14 fake ipod touch
14 free ipod touch downloads
14 gay porn for ipod touch
14 how to put roms on your ipod touch
14 i touch ipod
14 incipio alphapouch ipod touch
14 incipio orion ipod touch white
14 ipod touch 1.1.1 firmware
14 ipod touch 32g
14 ipod touch features
14 ipod touch microphone
14 ipod touch notes

#3 Most Popular Electronic Product To Make Money Online: Laptops.

Search Number - Keywords.
3915 apple laptops
2995 laptops
1849 cheap laptops
1503 pink laptops
1453 colored laptops
1328 dell laptops
1161 sony laptops
1109 apple mac laptops
879 apple laptops discount
758 hp laptops
679 toshiba laptops
615 free laptops
582 gaming laptops
523 used laptops
514 refurbished laptops
469 gateway laptops
363 used cheap laptops
349 acer laptops
315 best laptops
311 pink apple mac laptops
307 cheap refurbished laptops
304 ibm laptops
298 reconditioned apple mac laptops
273 colorful laptops
263 colored apple laptops
263 used apple laptops
241 laptops in different colors
231 cheap laptops uk
222 discount laptops
212 second hand laptops
177 colour apple laptops
168 cheap apple mac laptops
160 legally blonde laptops
158 best rated laptops
157 mac laptops
149 compare laptops
139 used laptops for sale cheap
138 compaq laptops
138 used laptops for sale
133 panasonic laptops
130 lenovo laptops
119 small laptops
115 apple color laptops
106 laptops for sale
103 used laptops in new brunswick
90 used macintosh laptops
82 very cheap laptops
80 macintosh laptops
79 sony vaio laptops
76 asus laptops
74 new laptops
73 top rated laptops
71 mini laptops
71 new gateway laptops
71 used alienware laptops
69 free laptops college students
66 reconditioned laptops
63 used dell laptops
61 ibook laptops
60 best rated computer laptops
58 real below wholesale laptops
58 refurbished pentium 4 laptops
58 second hand laptops uk
57 broken laptops for sale
57 cheap second hand laptops
57 low cost laptops
57 used mac laptops
53 wholesale laptops
52 student laptops
52 toshiba laptops memory upgrades
50 ibm thinkpad laptops
49 linux laptops
47 laptops for less
47 refurbished dell laptops
46 second hand laptops for sale
44 cheep laptops
44 refurbished wholesale laptops
42 cheap factory refurbished laptops
42 colored macintosh laptops
41 alienware laptops
39 below wholesale laptops
39 cheap apple laptops
39 custom laptops
39 laptops uk
39 used laptops uk
39 wireless internet cards for laptops
38 pretty laptops pink
38 top 10 laptops
36 cheap gaming laptops
36 computer laptops
36 laptops 300 and under
36 laptops notebooks
36 laptops used
34 custom built laptops
34 linux laptops apple
33 buy laptops
33 laptops for kids
33 laptops on sale
33 light weight laptops
33 lojack for laptops

#4 Most Popular Electronic Product To Make Money Online: Sony Playstation 3.

Search Number - Keywords.
552 sony playstation 3
157 sony playstation 3 games
39 new sony playstation 3
26 sony playstation 3 80 gb
22 sony playstation 3 80gb
19 sony playstation 3 60gb
19 sony playstation 3 stocks
12 sony playstation 3 previews
9 sony card playstation 3
9 sony playstation 3 filesystems
7 any way make sony playstation 3 40gb play ps2 games
6 40gb sony playstation 3 review
6 sony playstation 3 4 controller charge station
6 sony playstation 3 console
6 sony playstation 3 price
6 sony playstation 3 supported formats
6 surfing game sony playstation 3
4 sony 3 playstation
4 sony credit card playstation 3
4 sony playstation 3 60 gb
4 sony playstation 3 80gb limited edition motorstorm g...
4 sony playstation 3 blu ray lense model no
4 sony playstation 3 bundle
4 sony playstation 3 console best price
4 sony playstation 3 error code
4 sony playstation 3 linux
4 sony playstation 3 returns
4 sony playstation 3 spare parts
4 sony playstation 3 warranty
4 sony pulls 80 gb playstation 3
3 debian live cd for sony playstation 3
3 downloading updates for sony playstation 3
3 gun-shaped controllers for sony playstation 3
3 hdtv and sony playstation 3
3 midnight club 3 cheats for sony playstation 2
3 panasonic pt-ax100 sony playstation 3
3 playstation 3 sony
3 sony - playstation 3 40gb system
3 sony playstation 3 100 dollars credit card
3 sony playstation 3 130gb
3 sony playstation 3 40gb
3 sony playstation 3 8000994 error code
3 sony playstation 3 80gb discontinued
3 sony playstation 3 80gb motorstorm core bundle
3 sony playstation 3 best prices
3 sony playstation 3 blu ray disc player
3 sony playstation 3 blu-ray
3 sony playstation 3 cheat codes
3 sony playstation 3 clearance
3 sony playstation 3 defective
3 sony playstation 3 discontinued
3 sony playstation 3 eye
3 sony playstation 3 f1 racing game
3 sony playstation 3 f1 tips
3 sony playstation 3 freezes
3 sony playstation 3 game console - 40 gb hard drive
3 sony playstation 3 gta 4
3 sony playstation 3 official website
3 sony playstation 3 refurbished
3 sony playstation 3 reviews
3 sony playstation 3 system
3 sony playstation 3 troubleshooting
3 sony playstation 3 update
3 sony playstation 3 upnp setting
3 sony playstation 3 with 80gb hd
3 sony stopped making the 80 playstation 3
3 where can i buy a 60 gb sony playstation 3
3 where to order sony playstation 3 parts
3 where to order sony playstation 3 spare parts
3 where to purchase a sony playstation 3
3 why did sony stop making the 80 playstation 3

#5 Most Popular Electronic Product To Make Money Online: GPS Receivers.

Search Number - Keywords.
90 gps receivers
76 bluetooth gps receivers
25 handheld gps receivers
14 gps pda receivers
7 laptop gps receivers
7 mathematics algorithms gps receivers
6 data logging gps receivers or software
6 find result for gps receivers pda
6 portable gps receivers
6 usb gps receivers
4 data logging gps receivers
3 avionics gps receivers
3 do gps receivers give latitude, longitude readouts
3 garmin gps receivers
3 gps land surveying receivers
3 gps receivers used for grid tie
3 gps receivers with mapping
3 gps receivers with text message ability
3 gps satellite receivers
3 most accurate handheld gps receivers
3 recovery of gps receivers
3 shopping for gps receivers pda mobile
3 thompson the mathematics of gps receivers
3 track your childrn with cell phone built-in gps receivers

#6 Most Popular Electronic Product To Make Money Online: Nintendo Wii.

Search Number - Keywords.
9434 nintendo wii
1419 nintendo wii games
784 nintendo wii console
673 nintendo wii price
614 nintendo wii release date
371 console nintendo wii
188 nintendo wii system
158 nintendo wii game system
146 nintendo wii consoles
136 when does the nintendo wii come out
128 nintendo wii for sale
114 win a nintendo wii
104 nintendo wii bundle
104 nintendo wii piratske igre
101 buy nintendo wii
101 nintendo wii bundles
98 nintendo wii in stock
98 wii nintendo
92 nintendo wii accessories
88 nintendo wii cost
88 nintendo wii game console
82 nintendo wii game
80 nintendo wii previews
79 nintendo wii cheats
69 nintendo wii sports bundle
68 where to buy nintendo wii
66 used nintendo wii games
65 nintendo wii systems
57 cheap nintendo wii
57 nintendo wii console online
50 nintendo wii controllers
46 nintendo - wii
44 when is the nintendo wii coming out
41 nintendo wii console in stock
39 nintendo wii console for sale
39 nintendo wii friends bundle
38 nintendo wii stock
36 nintendo wii specs
36 nintendo wii tracker
34 nintendo wii hacks
34 nintendo wii top games
31 games for nintendo wii
31 when is the release date on the nintendo wii
28 buy nintendo wii online
28 free nintendo wii
28 nintendo wii cheap
28 when is the release date for the nintendo wii
26 buy nintendo wii console
26 discounted nintendo wii games
26 nintendo - wii & availability
26 nintendo wii cheat codes
26 nintendo wii emulator
26 nintendo wii fit
26 nintendo wii game reviews
26 nintendo wii magazine
26 nintendo wii uk
26 wii by nintendo
26 wii nintendo console
25 nintendo wii game review
25 nintendo wii reviews
25 nintendo wii shipment
25 nintendo wiis
23 nintendo wii bundle in stock
23 nintendo wii downloads
23 nintendo wii mote
23 nintendo wii prices
23 nintendo wii review
23 nintendo wii virtual console
22 new nintendo wii
22 nintendo wii ebay
22 nintendo wii specifications
22 refurbished nintendo wii
20 best prices on nintendo wii
20 find nintendo wii
20 nintendo wii remote chargers
20 scion xa nintendo wii
20 shop for a nintendo hd wii console
19 best price equipment for nintendo wii accessories
19 buy nintendo wii system
19 discount nintendo wii
19 nintendo wii forum
19 nintendo wii forums
19 nintendo wii modchip
19 nintendo wii repair
19 nintendo wii trackers
19 nintendo wii video game system
17 great games for the nintendo wii
17 nintendo wii best price
17 nintendo wii best prices
17 nintendo wii controller how does it work
17 nintendo wii gameplay
17 nintendo wii gaming system
17 nintendo wii hardware
17 nintendo wii play
17 nintendo wii sports
17 wholesalers and distributors nintendo wii console
15 cheap nintendo wii uk
15 nintendo wii - sports bundle
15 nintendo wii consoles for sale
15 nintendo wii family bundle
TIP: Remember that the keywords with the lower search number will be easy for you to gain top search engine position, so go after those keywords first.

Other Recommended Resources.

- Super Affiliate Handbook.
- Super Affiliates. New!

In Conclusion: As you can see, if you find a high demand niche and industry you develop a money making opportunity from the after market or sub niches just like I said you can do with the most popular electronics products which are selling online from this April 2008.

To your success,

Luis Galarza,

Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

About Author: Luis Galarza is a respectable Internet Marketing and Small Business Consultant in the area of Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Also, he had teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online and offline without their own product.

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Enrique R.

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