Sunday, June 04, 2006

MARKETNG TOOLS: An New Internet Marketing Technology that can replace Email

By Luis Galarza

OK... I think this is it. I think Derek Gehl has found the next big "Internet marketing technology."

If this is as big as it sounds like it will be, we need to jump on this as quickly as possible so that we are "first to move."

Actually, let me clarify that.... Derek has found a way to give small business owners like you and me the same advanced technology that only multi-million dollar companies have been using for the last year.

Normally he keeps something like this to himself for at least 6 months before showing anybody, but this time he's letting it loose so we can benefit right away.

I know you are busy but PLEASE take a moment and go to the FREE New Internet Marketing Technology Report Site and read this web page.

If your competition beats you to this you are in trouble... read the web page and you will know exactly what I mean.

All the best...

Luis Galarza, a Business and Telecommunication Consultant & CEO of Cogni360 and Associates or . For more Free or Low Cost marketing tips just stop by

P.S. Imagine how much trouble you'd be in if your competition had an exclusive communication channel directly to your customers and potential customers that you could not touch...

Now you can make sure you have this upper hand by going to: FREE New Internet Marketing Technology Report.
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