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Make Money Online With The Number One Summer Holiday Top Search Keywords

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing And Make Money Online Tips.

As You Know The Number One Summer Holiday In The U.S. Is July 4th or Independence Day... Can You Make Money Online With The Top Search Keywords For This Holiday?

The answer is yes! As a marketer you better know that holidays is just another name for sales days. But today I want to talk about how to make money online using the top long tail search keywords for this popular summer holiday, if you already read my last marketing article or post where I talk about making an extra paycheck with the most popular July 4th and summer top selling products online. Right now I want to show you how to take a holiday niche marketing approach to earn some seasonal income for yourself.

To do this you need to know the top search keywords for the holiday that you plan to target, then check the long tail list for any type of popular hiding niche markets, after finding this popular key phrases, is time to set up a blog targeting those words in the URL, the tile, the body of the content, and the labels. One thing that you need to know, is that when using Blogger labels for this type of holiday mini-niche blogs try to use no more than 5 labels that include your main targeting keywords. Now just add adsense or other type of contextual advertising plus the right affiliate programs and you have a mini income generating blog.

TIP: To take this blog from zero traffic to overnight success, you are going to have to write 4 to 5 blog post per day until "the day". Then after that you can post once per month, but when next year comes prepare to blog again 2 to 4 months before the holiday, so search engines can keep visiting your blog and to improve your ranking.

Here is the list of top search keywords for this summer holiday:
List For The Keyword "July 4".
47 july 4.
40 4 of july.
12 why is 4 of july celebrated.
12 why we celebrate 4 of july.
11 1776 4 of july.
8 4 of july recipes.
8 july 4 freedom fest at fort lewis washington.
7 federal code veterans day off july 4.
7 happy july 4.
7 hotel specials for july 4 in albuquerque.
7 july 4 president born.
5 hollywood bowl july 4 2008 celebration.
5 july 4 2008 music festival.
5 july 4 fireworks shows.
5 july 4 freedom fest.
5 july 4 poems.
4 ' july 4 vacation va'.
4 freedom festival july 4.
4 history of fireworks on july 4.
4 hollywood bowl - july 4 2008 - program.
4 july 4 + invitations + photo.
4 july 4 american clothing.
4 july 4 babe.
4 july 4 in early 1900's.
4 randle washington july 4.
4 seattle july 4.
4 shop independent stores july 4.
4 the typical past car dealer sales specials around july 4.
2 4 july screensavers.
2 4 of july beverages.
2 4 of july gif.
2 4 of july swimwear.
2 7 in 100 5th graders can't identify july 4.
2 7 in 100 can't identify july 4.
2 arrl element 4 after july 8 study guide.
2 baltimore july 4.
2 bartlett hills july 4.
2 beautiful sight of 4 of july.
2 concerts in arizona july 4 through july 8.
2 do not buy products made in china between june 4 and july 4.
2 east coast july 4 celebrations.
2 elk grove park, july 4.
2 fireworks charlottesville saturday july 4.
2 fireworks photos july 4.
2 funny quotes for july 4.
2 gatlinburg parade july 4.
2 havasu july 4.
2 july 4 1934 newspapers.
2 july 4 2008 bay area fireworks.
2 july 4 babe pin up.
2 july 4 celebrations.
2 july 4 chicago.
2 july 4 discount cruise vacations.
2 july 4 entertainment in philadelphia, pa.
2 july 4 events bay area.
2 july 4 events in chicago.
2 july 4 festivals.
2 july 4 girl.
2 july 4 independence day.
2 july 4 news.
2 july 4 peoria vip.
2 july 4 pictures.
2 july 4 pinup.
2 july 4 recipes.
2 july 4 sounds.
2 mens july 4 flag shoes.
2 paintball game july 4 weekend texas.
2 pennsylvania july 4 festivals.
2 president born on 4 july.
2 the first president born on july 4.
2 watch july 4 online for free.
2 what united states do in july 4.
2 wrecks on estes parkway on july 4.

List For The Keyword "4th of july".
330 4th of july.
271 july 4th.
212 4th of july events.
126 4th of july graphics.
90 4th of july decorations.
83 4th of july clipart.
82 happy 4th of july.
69 4th of july poem.
62 4th of july wallpaper.
62 july 4th recipes.
51 4th of july backgrounds.
38 4th of july items.
37 4th july cupcakes.
37 kauai hawaii 4th of july fireworks display.
31 4th of july clip art.
31 4th of july facts.
28 4th of july party invitations.
28 4th of july recipes.
27 history 4th of july.
24 4th of july desserts.
23 4th of july games.
23 4th of july smocked infant clothes.
20 4th of july fireworks.
20 4th of july party.
18 4th of july cake.
18 4th of july picnic.
18 interesting facts about the 4th of july.
17 4th of july trivia.
17 july 4th coloring pages.
15 4th of july celebration.
15 4th of july coloring pages.
15 4th of july food.
15 4th of july invitations.
15 4th of july menu.
15 costumes, adult, sexy, 4th of july.
14 4th of july party ideas.
14 free 4th of july clipart.
14 what presidents died on the 4th of july.
14 why is july 4th a national holiday.
12 4th of july cakes.
12 4th of july cards.
12 4th of july centerpiece.
12 4th of july crafts.
12 4th of july dessert.
12 4th of july menus.
12 born on the 4th of july.
12 desktop themes 4th of july.
12 graphics 4th of july firework.
12 july 4th clip art.
12 manzanita 4th of july.
12 miramar beach july 4th.
12 table centerpieces july 4th.
12 why do we have fireworks on the 4th of july.
11 4th of july appetizer recipes.
11 4th of july event.
11 4th of july fire works.
11 4th of july prayer.
11 boston 4th of july.
11 july 4th celebrations in north carolina.
11 july 4th desktop themes.
11 july 4th sasquatch sighting.
10 4th of july bingo.
10 4th of july in washington dc.
10 4th of july party idea.
10 4th of july party supplies.
10 4th of july pictures.
10 4th of july recipe.
10 cruses 4th of july nyc.
10 hollywood bowl - 4th of july.
8 4th of july birthday decorations.
8 4th of july crochet projects.
8 4th of july foods.
8 4th of july lights.
8 4th of july parade ideas.
8 4th of july party supply.
8 4th of july stuff.
8 4th of july treats.
8 4th of july trivia and games.
8 dundalk july 4th.
8 july 4th activities.
8 july 4th cakes.
8 new york city harbor cruise july 4th.
8 pictures of red lake july 4th powwow.
8 smocked 4th of july.
8 stephen kellogg 4th of july.
7 4th july in boston.
7 4th july supplies.
7 4th of july animated.
7 4th of july baby outfit.
7 4th of july comments.
7 4th of july festivals in kentucky.
7 4th of july hats.
7 4th of july history.
7 4th of july outdoor decorations.
7 4th of july parade seaside florida.
7 4th of july shower curtains.
7 4th of july travel ideas.
7 brooklyn 4th of july.
7 fred on the 4th of july.
7 free 4th of july flyers.

As you can see there are a few niche market you can start right now.

Recommended Resources.

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- Super Affiliates. New!

In Conclusion: You can do the same for almost any holiday, specially for the most popular ones and build a empire of mini niche holiday blogs and sites that can help you make money online while you learning other marketing methods and strategies.

To learn how you can be part of a small business association full with Internet marketing experts visit the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

About Author: Luis Galarza is a respectable Internet Marketing and Small Business Consultant in the area of Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Also, he had teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online and offline without their own product.

A proud member of
- The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs
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