Sunday, August 20, 2006

TRAFFIC TIPS: The Exponential Power of a Marketing Virus

By Luis Galarza "The Success Guy" Blog

Dear Internet Friend,

The Internet Marketers seeking to harness the power of a simple VIRUS should study the work of political strategists. Both disciplines--viral marketing and politics--are based on the Diffusion Theory: the hypothesis that every successful idea is first embraced by a small group of "influencers" before it spreads to the masses.

Who exactly are these influencers? We call them adoptive connected chatleaders.

* Adoptive

* Connected

* Chatleader

When looking for ACCs, it's important to recognize that they operate at a global, national, regional and local levels. The latter represent the "real virus." These type of techniques it can be difficult to find and engage. But they're also as important...

But the Internet make this process a lot easier, and even give you the chance to change or twist the rules and give you the opportunity to become an innovator, just like Mark Joyner did back in the bigining of the Dot Com Boom that's why he's called "The Godfather Of Internet Marketing" by top direct and internet marketing experts. Now you can get access to Mark Joyner's brain and learn how to get an Extreme Biz Makeover.

Then Corey Rudl the co-founder of The Internet Marketing Center master every marketing tool, and techniques and develop a way to transform "Word of Mouth" into a free automated traffic generator, brand blaster, and viral marketing tool on esteroids.

And now the Internet has created another online marketing innovator, his name Michael Filsaime men who owns a massive income building online businesses, and after testing and improving his new Internet marketing tools and tactics, he created a new viral marketing script and technique that will change the History of Internet Marketing forever...

It's not other tool available on the web that can provide instant stream of results and profits than this. This tool was so good that top Internet marketers and top web designers are paying Mike Filsaime over $1,500 (Click here for more information) to be the first people to put this tactics to the test and the results were...

Wow!... $200,000 in just days.

After all the gossip and massive revenue, Mike Filsaime decide to make part of his marketing secrets available to small businesses, and low budget entrepreneurs. I mean do you think he make enough money selling his unstoppable Internet Marketing Super Virus Manuscripts and secrets after his website was down a few times because of the mountain of traffic he got.

How much you will pay to super charge your sales up to 500% or more? Well, this package of automated sales information can do that and more, maybe that's the reason Mike call his business sales builder in a box invention "The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript". I think Mike is crazy by offering this for less than $100.00, I know is only for the first 125 marketers who take action now. But, still crazy.
  • Who don't want to improve their sales?
  • Get 1,000's of Opt-In Subscribers in days not years?
  • Who don't want to take their Affiliate Sales to the next level?
  • Who don't want to BUILD a downline Faster than spelling it?

Well, viral marketing done right can do that and more. Also, will...

  • Completely Automate your business
  • Do the sales pitch for you
  • Attract customers like a sales magnet
  • Give you MAXIMUM Branding exposure
  • Lower your marketing expenses
  • Imporve your cash flow
  • And much MORE...

At last, I'll recomemd you to start planning your viral marketing strategy which would work for your business, product or service, that will help you spread the word about your offerings and act as your digital sales person.

All the best...

Luis Galarza, a Business and Telecommunication Consultant & CEO of Cogni360 and Associates or . A proud member of The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs

P.S: Don't forget to ask for the sale or call to action. That's the number one mistake that most sales people make...

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