Friday, February 03, 2006

INTERENT MARKETING: How the Super Bowl Football can Increase Your Web Traffic?

By Luis Galarza

Free Internet Marketing Tips.- That's right my friends, Super Bowl weekend is finally here. What's the significance of such a game you ask? Well, not only does this mean one of the most-watched sporting events will be on, those who watch it will be privy to a online community bonanza that you don't normally see, save for the Christmas season. In fact, watching the Super Bowl has become an event all of its own. There are a number of social groups, forums, online clubs that discuss which ads, which player, or team were the best and so on.

Keeping with the theme of this coming weekend, I thought I have to tell you to dedicate some time to Super Bowl score predictions and the actual game. And become a online discussion maniac, there are a number waiting to start talking on online forums, and chat rooms about this. Before and after the game. So, if you'd like to get in the spirit of the weekend, drop by and tell who you think is going to win or lose, talk about the pass, the players, answer questions, and anything about the game. So, go and sign up for football groups, and discoss all you want, do not post ads, or direct marketing text... That will get you out of the groups for spams.

So, how you'd use online forums to gain web traffic for Free. Simple, write a little signature (about you text) file of no more than 3 lines and put it at the end of each comment, question, or answer you post. Make it good enaugh to make people click on it, use the classifieds strategies to make viewers exting to click and see what's on the other side of the link.

Don't try to sell anything on your signature file, your goal is to make them click not get up set with you for turning your signature file into an spam ad...

Read all the group guidelines, first to avoid any probelms.

Good luck!

You guys have a great weekend and if you having a Super Bowl party, make sure you do so safely.

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