Monday, June 30, 2008

Internet Marketing, Pool, And Chess

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing And Make Money Online Tips.

What Internet Marketing, Pool And Chess Have In Common? Entrepreneurs Can Learn A Lot From The Special Factor That Help Pool And Chess Players Succeed!

I'm not talking only about the average pool and chess player games, I talking about the success factor that makes a an excellent player. Why mentioning these type of games when referring to Internet marketing? Well, my friend I am follower of success, and I think is always a good idea to analyze different kind of successful techniques and examples that can give me lessons about how to improve myself and my company when applying it to my regular business and marketing strategies.

Let me tell you, I learn a lot from regular live example of success and proven achieving strategies. And if you ever seen a good pool or chess player and pay close attention to the way they play, you will notice that is a strategic thinking behind every single of their moves, and that is the strategy of "Two Ahead". This mean that pool players think two shots ahead and chess players think two moves ahead. The key words here is "ahead", being two moves ahead of your competition or two move ahead in your market, is the art of putting strategic business innovation to work for your company.

What pool and chess good players can teach you about Internet marketing is that thinking two moves ahead is a key factor for your success online.

Just imaging putting this business tactic to work for you, imaging getting to steps ahead of your competition and by the time they trying to keep up with your marketing you already another two steps ahead.

Let's think about the pool player for a minute... Imagine someone that has as his only source of income a daily visit to a billiard hall. This mean that if he looses, he will not be able to eat, drink, or put a roof over his head, so for this person pool it's not just a game, for him it's serious business. So, he can't be just good add it, he need to be the best player in that hall.

How he does this? By thinking two strategic shots ahead all the time, this help him put more balls in the pockets than his competition and win.

Internet marketing is simple but the marketplace is a hard to crack, and if you think two shots ahead like the pool player, you can win more marketing battles which give you a a better market share, which mean more loyal customers and off course more money.

Apply The "Two Ahead Strategic Thinking" Method.

- If you are a physical or information product creator you can think on the next two products that can solve a problem in your niche. Is good to know where the market is going and the hot trends involving your industry to have a better understanding of what you can create next.

- If your goal is to use Internet marketing to promote your product or to promote affiliate programs, use this technique to find two new creative ways to promote your business. But, don't forget to think about strategic innovations to increase sales or to drive more targeted traffic to your web site or blog.

Why I mention strategic business innovations all the time in this post? You need to remember that the entrepreneurs that are making big money online in the product creation market, Internet marketing, and affiliate marketing are the ones that create new innovations that solve a current problem in a better way or they just found a new way to do it. A few examples of top experts and companies thinking ahead to stay ahead are:

- Google, making billions with Adwords and Adsense.
- Seth Goudin, the creator of Squidoo, his unusual but great marketing books.
- Derek Gehl, with the new easy online application called Bebiz, and keeping the number one marketing training spot for 10 years with "Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online" course.
- Microsoft, when enter the video game market with a computer type of console called "XBox".

Now none of this can be possible without action, so taking action is crucial to make the tactic work.

Recommended Resources.

- Selling On The Internet. New Version!.

In Conclusion: This Internet marketing method is a incredible effective way to build a longterm list of loyal customers, to increase your market share, and to create a consistent revenue generating machine.

To learn how you can be part of a small business association full with Internet marketing experts visit the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.
To your success,
Luis Galarza,
Web Marketing Specialist.

About Author: Luis Galarza is a respectable Internet Marketing and Small Business Consultant in the area of Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Also, he had teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online and offline without their own product.

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