Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Instant Fiverr Gold Rush: Make Money Online Selling Your Skills

Fiverr As Your Online Job Provider!

If you've not checked out Fiverr.com yet, you really should do so...

If you're serious about finding a simple and trendy way making money online? My dear entrepreneurs, this is it!...

Fiverr is a web 2.0 buying and selling marketplace for online service providers, that let anyone with a skill or time to finish on demand tasks start their own Internet business without much from your part.

You can get pay by someone to complete a task you're good at for them. Guess what? People have no problem paying, because... All they have to pay for each job is a straight 5 Dollars a time. That's why I Fiverr (http://www.Fiverr.com ) can be an absolute goldrush place for you if you're looking to make some immediate cash, doing simple jobs that can be deliver virtually through the web.

Here's How You Can Make Money Online In Few Simple Steps.

There's no need to sweat it to make a buck from this "eBay for service providers" site.

Here's all you need to do:

Step 1 - Create a free Fiverr profile, so you're ready to post and take on jobs.

Step 2 - Decide what are you at or what time of service can you offer through the web for only $5. Example:

- Writing articles.
- Writing blog posts.
- Doing information research.
- Do market research.
- Finish other people's tasks.
- Etc..

Step 3 - Market a service or task that you can deliver on easily and quickly over the net.

Step 4 - Have an up to date profile and a blog where you tell what task are you finishing now and industry news.

Step 5 - Make sure to use social media to share your blog posts and services.

Step 6 - Build an opt-in list of leads are interest in services like the one you offer on Fiverr. For more information I recommend your to get the List Building Pro training.

Step 7 - Over deliver in your promise to turn customers into loyal fans.

It Sounds Simple, Doesn't It?

It sure does...

And there's a good reason for that.

IT IS SIMPLE to profit from this online marketplace.

But, just like on eBay, there are some pitfalls you need to be aware of and watch out for. People have to know about your Fiverr 'Gigs' or experience, otherwise those orders you require just won't come. So, start small and go from there.

And you need to try not to spend a lot of time on order fulfillment. The best solution for making quick income is to deliver a turn key solution. Something people really needs or that can help solve a very big problem in someone's life or business.

If you want to know more on to get in this Instant Fiverr Goldrush? Please drop me a comment, or even better tweet me your question, I'll make sure you get your answer as fast as possible.

Yours truly,

Luis E Galarza,
Web Marketing Specialist.

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