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June 14 2009: 50 Hot Products To Sell Online

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

What Can You Do With A List Of 50 Best Selling Items On The Internet?

The answer is profit! But, to profit from the list of hot trends or niches below you need to follow a the Internet marketing fundamentals to success. But just to get you in the right track here a few steps you need if you want to be selling on the Internet like a pro.

This basic but crucial steps are:
1. Research your market.

2. Decide what keywords to target.

4. Write down realistic goals.

3. Take a good look at your competition.

4. Create a marketing plan to keep you focus.

I hope these little steps aren't a difficult task for you... You have to do the research to get the full picture about a market, then you need to decide which keywords to target base on demand and amount of competition, then you need to have a clear vision of your goals (web traffic, sales, net profit), then before jumping into the waters is always recommended to have a good look at your major competition, and finally write a marketing plan, which not other thing than a step-by-step action plan that will keep you focus on your main goals.

Tips about sales goals.

Goals are also refer as projection for many entrepreneurs. What you need to know is that many small business owner and sales managers measure success by analyzing the company's sales profit or total revenue or many measure both. So, it doesn't matter how you want to call it, the important lesson here is that goals are imperative to achieve success.

To make your goal setting an effective element of your success, you need to make sure you set realistic projections... Many entrepreneurs think that by setting unrealistic goals they will work harder and even if they don't achieve them they may still have good results. The problem with this is that will make you and your sales team work hard not smart. Also, if you never achieve your goals then your mind may learn to become underachiever.

So, set realistic goals, and then go for it!

The Hot List!

Well, no more distractions, here is the list of popular products to sell online:

1. Jelly beans.

2. Larry bird jersey.

3. Vinyl tablecloth.

4. Gamepad.

5. Embroidery machine.

6. Maglite.

7. Spoon rest.

8. Illy coffee.

9. Steam cleaner.

10. Napkin holder.

11. Docking station.

12. Radio flyer wagon.

13. Fish oil.

14. Baby booties.

15. Dockers.

16. GPS system.

17. Scented candles.

18. Chocolate coins.

19. Bagless vacuum.

20. Gripmaster.

21. Armani suits.

22. Sushi kit.

23. Apple imac.

24. Knife storage.

25. Bathroom scale.

26. Larry bird jersey.

27. Dresser.

28. Flashlight.

29. Forceps.

30. Wireless speakers.

31. Bouquet.

32. Lunch bags.

33. Kitchen tv.

34. Jewelry boxes.

35. File cabinets.

36. Proxima projector.

37. Clock radio.

38. Chalkboard.

39. Disco ball.

40. Laser pointer.

41. Plasma tv.

42. Maglite.

43. Wireless keyboard.

44. Storage boxes.

45. Bcbg shoes.

46. Aerobie.

47. Loft bed.

48. Sb-50dx.

49. Cordless phone.

50. Glass vase.

There you have it, a good list of today top sellers... Enjoy and profit!

To get unlimited advice about marketing products online visit the IE Club.

Recommended Resources.

- PPC Web Spy.
- BeBiz: Niche Business Builder.

Don't forget to set your goals right, test and track your campaigns, and tweak your campaigns so you can improve results.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Free Adsense Site Builder said...

Great list, I'm already targeting one of the trends you mention in your post.. but, I'm looking to build at least 5 more micro-niches sites where I can sell the product and monetize by using Adsense.

Thanks for doing the research for me..

Dan Maky

PPS. By the way. great tips about goal setting!


Jerry T. said...

Love the goal setting tips... I think that without any type of goals will be very difficult to try to accomplish anything!

Jerry T.

The Adwords Manifesto said...

Indeed the goals setting tips are excellent.. I want to say thank you to help marketing beginner in their research of finding what on demand or what are the top sellers on the Internet...

This post alone can save a lot of time and money to those looking to start an online business or just start selling on sites like eBay!

Cool blog!

Bill M.


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allan said...

Great post… Great info on bounce rates… I’ll have to write an entry about the same topic some day soon… Bounce rates can tell you alot…
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