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List Building + Affiliate Marketing = Money Making Business

Email based affiliate promotions!

Opt-In Email List Building Is The Method To Develop A Long Term Internet Business. Plus, You Get Access To A Powerful Marketing Avenue For Selling, Pre-Selling Products, And Backend Profits With Affiliate Programs!

Do you think that is a simple Internet marketing formula to make money online?...

Well, it is!

It isn't an easy formula, because you need to complete a few tasks to make it work like a real business, a business that can be handle from your home base using your current computer and Internet access. The rest of the process relays on your ability to complete daily tasks, and commit to your goals.

As you can see I recommend you the use of affiliate marketing and list building mix, because you can have instant relevant products or services to offer your opt-in members without the hassle of creating or investing money your own products, which will take you a lot more time, even if you have the skills or the money to have it done.

So, just start promoting affiliate programs and little by little introduce your own products or services, in fact having your own products in the mix is the best way to go but not the only way.

...What I mean is that if you already have your own products or license to sell PLR or MMR products you will be missing a lot of sales opportunities if you don't recommend relevant affiliate products to your newsletter member list.

Please don't just jump into the list building business model without setting up your entire Internet business model, which is like developing your path to success. Having a strategic plan and mindmaps will help you and your team keep focus in achieving your e-business goals.
Remember that many entrepreneurs think that the web is the ultimate money making space but what they don't know that you need to know what you doing to really earn any type of revenue.

Here are a few thing you need to have to jump start your start-up:

1. - Have a good list of top rated associate programs that sell products relevant to your target audience.

2. - Also if you want to get ahead of the game you can purchase the resale license of some good targeting products that can be offer to your list as main product or backend sales offers.
3. - A good squeeze or landing page to generate leads.
4. - Opt-in forms on your blog and website located on the top right corner or right before the articles or page content and at the bottom.
5. - Also make sure to have a good giveaway that will entice people to subscribe.
Making The Profit.

You can promote your referral programs as primary front end products, in your newsletter. Then build an announcement list for those who like bargains and need more tools and services. You will use your resale purchases to do promotions to this list. You will be surprised at how many people will join this bargain list, and buy things at discount rates (special subscriber rates.)
This way you can combine your affiliate marketing and build up products of your own using your lists. The trick is to make sure these products and associate programs are highly targeted to the interest and needs of your ezine subscribers.

Recurring or residual income from other vendor's products are also good to promote to your lists. Examples of these would be autoresponders and products with monthly subscription fees like online clubs, membership sites, online applications, etc., you more money lead that if you do when you make only one shot sale per lead.

Some good products for creating residual income are dating sites, vitamins, and weight loss products or services. Customers will take these on a regular basis and will buy the products again and again.

You can rotate a few different ads for products like this to your list, and build a nice monthly income that will keep on earning you profits. Make sure these products are highly targeted for best results.

To get unlimited advice about list building and affiliate marketing strategies visit the IE Club.

Recommended Resources.

- Cashmaps Print Newsletter. Systematization Strategies.
- Email Strategies Explained. Advanced Email Marketing.

In Conclusion: List your ideas and match them up with your list of skills and interests to find the best Internet business ideas for you. Then use Affiliate Elite to research your market and find profitable niches related to your skills or interests. The good thing about this software is that you can check what search keywords other marketers or associates are targeting and making money from.
Then just put your idea into action. Put your squeeze page together, your blog, your website, at least 4 social profiles, and them is all about marketing and good customer service.

To your success,

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clare said...

Excellent post! Going to check out the rest of your blog, too.

Luis Galarza said...

Thank you Clare, you also have a very nice website... You are welcome to browse around the blog, I hope you find some useful stuff, if not please feel free to ask me anything.

Thanks again,

Luis Galarza

Mark J said...

Excellent article Luis, I love the conclusion, is true is all on the action.

Mark J

Emma said...

great post. i liked it and also share that ad sense is also one of the good way to make money in online marketing

Jerry Williams said...

Thank you for sharing a very useful post and with good stuff regarding email list building. The most effective way of building your email list is to have a website with an email list sign up form. This will provide an easy way of letting people who want further information concerning your products and services to subscribe through email posting. This feature can be integrated during the design and development of the site or you can have a web development professional include it as the site is running.

Luis Galarza said...

Thank you Jerry for your comment and the tips you add on... We need to remember that the best way to build a list is by using an exclusive lead generating landing page or squeeze page, design to target people with interest in your niche or product type.

Drake J said...

Very nice article, this need to be one of my tweets of the day...

Thanks for sharing such a good info.

Drake J

Millionaire Mentors Seminar Notes said...

Thank you for sharing this online revenue system... You got a very organized blog with a lot of excellent content.

Keep the good stuff coming!

John D'Marcus


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