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Internet Marketing Principals Are Real World Marketing Principals

Internet Marketing Principals By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

Is There A Different Between Internet Marketing And Real World Marketing?

Actually everything is just B.S. from the gurus trying to confuse you, so hey can sell you the latest product... And they will tell you that their product has the marketing principals that are the key to build a successful online business.

You want to know what I said to that:

“That’s 100% Pure B.S.!”

The Truth About The Marketing Principals.

When you are a marketer that had worked for years developing advertising campaigns and promotion programs online or offline you get a special inside out view of marketing which is different from the viewpoint of anybody else in your company or business. As marketers you can’t think or be like anyone in your company, because if you do all your efforts to try to create or promote something of value for your audience will fail, which also make your company or team fail flat on the ground.

The secret of doing response producing marketing campaign on the Internet or in the real world is by turning yourself into a real marketer, which mean that you need to have an original standpoint on business, the industry, and the audience that your message is trying to target.
This is why Internet marketing is also called online direct marketing, in fact most of the top experts you know today once upon a time their were top offline direct marketers, and this fact made it easy for then to transition from one medium to another and actually make it work successfully or even turning their complete operation “web only” because their success was achieve faster, the process was simple, the cost was low or even free for some, and the operation can be completely automated.

You can say that the Internet is the “dream come true” for direct marketing experts. But, they aren’t the only ones that need to thank the power of such invention, many regular “Joe’s” also made the web work for then and with the help of companies like eBay, many of them are now millionaires.

So, you need to have more than just the basic knowledge of your market, you need to have real analytic data about it, and more important you need to understand the ins and outs of your market including pass, current, and future hot trends that keep supply and demand moving. All this are the main fact that any entrepreneur need to know before jumping in what online marketers called Niche Marketing”.

So, What Are The Marketing Principals That You Need To Understand?

I don’t really like to call it principals, instead I prefer elements of success, because by knowing and completely understanding these elements your will have better success in things like:

  • Product development.

  • Branding.

  • Pricing.

  • Copywriting.

  • Sales.

  • Promotion.

  • Advertising.

  • Customer satisfaction and.

  • Customer relationship.

Here are the principals of real world Internet marketing:

1. - Your customers are looking somewhere else: What I mean is that people is not paying attention to what you have to said, so you need to find a creative way to get their attention.

2. - Everyone is targeting your customers: Don't forget that you also have other marketers or companies trying to get the attention from your audience. You need to have a unique advantage over your competitors or an unique selling proposition (UPS) if you want to survive online.

3. - Your business team think you’re nuts: So, you need to present your idea with a well done strategic business plan, organized mind-maps, video, PowerPoint presentation, etc., just do whatever it takes to make them believe, but also take notes from their honest feedback and ideas.

4. - You need your business team to execute your campaigns: Even if you are going solo you still need the necessary tools to turn your plan into a reality. Your team and tools need to be in the same page, so be open about your plan that way they know what is expected from them.

5. - Bad conversions mean you fail, which mean you team fail,
As the leader of your company if your advertising campaign fails, the blame is on you my dear entrepreneur. So if you fail, mean you made your team fail also... You need to make sure everything goes smooth, track and split-test to find discrepancies before the campaign is put in place to avoid low sales conversions.

6. - Give a lot and gain a lot: This approach works good inside and out. What I mean with "inside" is that the more information and tools you give to your team the better they are going to perform, plus if you have contests or bonus if they make the project finish on schedule or if is effective.

Also, when I said "out" I mean on the marketing campaign where the more details you give to your audience the easier is to understand which accelerate their purchase or sign-up decision, or if you provide a lot of quality information or service, they will feel better to purchase from you.

7. - Forget about being good, you need to be remarkable: In the old days being good at what you did was the only thing you needed to be successful. Now you can be just good, you need to be better, provide better products or services, better value, better information, quality blog posts, better giveaways, top customer service, etc.. Be remarkable!

8. - If you marketing is not creative, make it creative: Don't put walls between your marketing ideas and creative innovations, you need to leave your imagination free and expect the unexpected, you will be surprise at how many new good ads or communication ideas you can come out with when you don't think stuff like "that will never work".

9. - If your marketing is not logical, make it logical: If you marketing looks out of line, make sure to backed up with some good market and keyword research using tools like "Affiliate Elite". Then, you need to test and track the results to twist you message or dump the ads that aren't performing, this way you will focus on those that are getting positive responses.

10. - They said everything is not about marketing, they lie!: In business everything is marketing... You should expend 20% of your time in the business operations and 80% in marketing.

If you aren’t applying those elements of success you better take a close look to your current results, and find ways to add these elements to your plan in a way to improve your web traffic, your conversions, your profit, and customer long term relationship.

To get unlimited advice about online and real world marketing strategies visit the IE Club.

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In Conclusion: Learn from offline marketing and adapt those strategies to your online campaigns, and see how you can make it work. Just be open minded and creative. Then is all about taking action, specially if you are marketing beginner or newbie.

To your success,

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Jim K said...

Excellent article man, I learn a lot from it. You just been bookmark, keep up the good content.

Be back later...

Jim K

Luis Galarza said...

Thanks for the bookmark Jim. I looking forward to here from you again. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask.

Luis Galarza

Robert P said...

Online entrepreneurs need to remember that because they are doing business it doesn't mean real world marketing elements still apply.

Good stuff...

Robert P.

Jennifer C said...

I'm looking to start a new online business and I was afraid to screw up because I don't know anything about internet marketing, that's why I'm glad I found your blog post, you took that fear right out of my chest in one single article... Thanks Luis, I know a few things about real world marketing, and now thinking about it I know I can put some of those strategies work online, off course with a little twist.

The good things about web marketing is the fact that it can be easily track and tested.

Love your advice...

Thanks again Jennifer C

Harry said...

Great post... This will definitely help many newbies who are yet to start an online business. There are many websites on the internet which offers these kind of internet marketing tips that are very informative.

Luis Galarza said...

Hey Harry thank you for your feedback about this post, I also hope that it help many new online entrepreneurs that are trying to start a new e-business. Also thank you for sharing the link.

To your success,

Luis Galarza

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