Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fools Day 2009 Top Keywords

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

I Know April Fool's Day Suck For Many Poeple, But For Marketers Can Become A Top Search Keyword To Monetize On!

As you know one effective way to keep your business ahead and in the mind of your audience is by integrating hot trends, top keywords, popular news, holidays, etc. into your marketing funnel. If you are an affiliate marketer you need to know that this approche can help you expand your brand, expose your site or blog to more people, and also help increase web traffic (also read "48 Affiliate Marketing Tips").

To see how popular this key-phrase is, let's take a look at the search volume that generates. The words "April Fool's" were change for AP to avoid keyword saturation in this post:

693 AP.

471 harmless AP day pranks.

337 AP day.

335 history of AP day.

273 AP pranks.

254 AP jokes.

246 great AP jokes.

237 AP day history.

237 classic AP jokes.

232 office pranks for AP day.

211 english AP sms jokes.

199 AP tricks.

197 AP office jokes.

167 AP originate.

164 AP day pranks on a teacher.

126 free AP prank ideas.

99 how did AP day start.

85 what event started AP day.

66 AP day pranks.

61 how did AP day begin.

49 who started AP day.

46 best AP day jokes pranks.

40 best AP pranks.

32 where did the tradition of AP day begin.

27 first AP day.

27 where did AP day come from.

25 AP day cards.

24 top 10 AP jokes.

22 AP internet jokes.

22 good AP tricks.

16 AP virus.

10 how did AP start.

8 AP facts.

8 origin of AP day.

8 what is the origin of AP day.

7 AP ham radio.

7 why do we celebrate AP day.

6 AP and eggmen.

6 bbc AP.

6 good AP jokes.

5 AP day tricks.

5 AP day virus.

5 AP for family.

5 facts about AP day.

5 poisson d'avril AP day.

5 top 100 AP day pranks.

5 when did AP day begin.

4 5th grade AP day lessons.

4 amateur radio AP.

4 AP day activities.

4 AP day clip art.

4 AP history.

4 AP joke gifts.

4 AP office pranks.

4 kids AP pranks, activities.

4 movie AP.

3 animated AP clipart.

3 AP amateur radio.

3 AP day information.

3 AP day jokes.

3 AP day pranks for teachers.

3 AP email pranks.

3 AP food.

3 AP ideas.

3 AP recipes.

3 AP worm.

3 history of AP.

3 origination of AP day.

2 AP computer virus.

2 AP curriculum.

2 AP day graphics.

2 AP day in france.

2 AP day info.

2 AP family jokes.

2 AP joke.

2 AP story car australia.

2 AP veterinary.

2 big titty chick fucks her boyfriends brother on AP.

2 conficker AP worm.

2 good AP prank.

2 nice AP pranks.

2 origin AP day.

2 the AP.

2 the AP dvd.

2 top ten AP jokes.

2 where did AP day begin.

2 where did AP day originate.

2 where did AP day start.

2 yahoo AP day.

1 AP jokes.

1 AP 2009 worm.

1 AP danny.

1 AP day - history.

1 AP day cartoons and jokes.

1 AP day classroom pranks.

1 AP day clipart.

1 AP day computer virus.

1 AP day dinner ideas.

1 AP day fake mail.

1 AP day jokes for teachers.

As you can see that give you a total amount of 5,246 searches... So, I hope you put some kind of marketing event together with this special trend, or you can also put up some kind of clever and funny prank, come on even Google does it, or don't tell me you haven't heard about CADIE the new virtual integent research technology, which is been promoted all over the web, I just saw a tweet from Matt Cutts over at Twitter annauncing this new development.

Many pranks are going to be in place today, don't believe everthing you read, hear, or watch today, may be an April Fool's Day prank.

To get unlimited advice about search keyword research and niche marketing visit the IE Club.

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In Conclusion: Take avantage of the search power of this holiday and create content or an event to engage with your readers, current customers, and potential customers to increase this month revenue!

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Lorenzo D said...

Thank you for this list of April Fools Day top keywords, I use it on my site, to see if i get any type of response.

I got over 12% more traffic, and increase Adsense clickthrus, and affiliate sales when from 10 a day to 16 today...

Thank you Luis, you just make me some money with this post!

Lorenzo D

Jay said...

I also got some excellent results by applying April Fool in my promotions and in my blog posts...

It work very good on 4 different niches, you just need to structure your article the right way, the same thing with your promotion..

I send gift discounts codes to my current clients to help them do a funny april fool prank to there families n clients.


Don R said...

I actually was a little concern about what kind of results this type of article marketing approach can do for my business and my web site traffic.

I put it in place to test, because testing the strategies are just stories and not facts.

Well, I have to say to everyone that it works, my site got an increase in traffic, leads, not sales yet, but that's my work after I follow up with those leads.

Great info LG,

Don R

Mark Torque said...

i miss this article before, but I still got to use it for the Easter Day promotion and it worked. I got 10 more leads, 2 sales, and the traffic still comes from different type of keywords related to Easter...

Mark Torque

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