Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twitter Big Thing In 2009

Follow Me On Twitter By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

Has Been Predicted That Twitter Is Going To Become The Next Big Thing On 2009 And Is Must For Online Marketing and Businesses!

You are hearing this every where on the Internet from many online marketers who are saying that Twitter is going to be the 2009 big thing for Internet business, online marketing, and communication in general... In fact this web 2.0 communication and social marketing tool were use in the buzz campaign for some of the most successful products launches in 2008, products like:

- Traffic Secrets 2.0

- Bebiz Niche Business Builder

- Cashmaps

- And others.

Last year was the year of a lot of testing and tracking... This year, well see for yourself the amount of searches per month: (The word "Twitter" has been replaced for the letter "t" to avoid over use of the full word).

6447 t.

543 obama t hack.

427 what is t.

215 hamlet t.

39 ts.

36 t bravesgirl5.

33 t poll election.

31 t promotion.

20 what is a t.

18 what is the definition of t patted.

14 t logo copy paste.

14 t search.

13 t grader.

11 how to use t.

11 t account.

11 t backgrounds.

11 t september2star.

10 lance armstrong t.

10 t karma.

9 how to t.

9 t tools.

8 ssa t.

8 t & playwright larry myers.

8 t gaspitsbethh.

8 t melissa morgan.

8 t wiki.

7 bill romanos t.

7 following on t accept.

7 how do you t.

7 paul klee t machine.

7 twit, tweet, t applications.

7 t logo.

7 t nation..

7 what determines t follower order.

6 automated message to t.

6 facebook t.

6 how do i find my t rss fed url.

6 how to make a t feed.

6 theatre t.

6 t accounts.

6 t feeds.

6 t review.

6 t xxx.

6 what does t mean.

5 all that ts is not gold.

5 armstrong t.

5 celebrities on t.

5 choosing a name on t.

5 define t.

5 definition of t.

5 haydn porter and t.

5 how to put t on websites.

5 top conservatives on t.

5 t agoodfried.

5 t and a mobile phone.

5 t and finding a job.

5 t client.

5 t for blackberry.

5 t nanowrimo.

5 t os x leopard app. download.

5 t pics.

5 t search engine.

5 t side bar mac os x.

5 t tv.

5 t vs. email.

5 t website.

4 best t to follow.

4 bet coverage t.

4 create t background.

4 follow me on t button.

4 free t backgrounds.

4 hhrs t.

4 how do you use t.

4 magazine t feeds.

4 nick nolte t.

4 obama t.

4 rick sanchez t.

4 search t.

4 smc recordings t.

4 t blackberry.

4 t feed.

4 t icons.

4 t mac os x.

4 who's on t.

3 britney spears t.

3 cost comparison of facebook, myspace & t.

3 firefox t.

3 grumblez on t.

3 kate dickman t.

3 montreal news t.

3 photography sites on t.

3 resveratrol t.

3 selecting t account names.

3 tweet on t.

3 t .com.

3 t andrew hunter.

3 t api.

3 t apps.

3 t bot.

3 t clipart.

This is a total of 8,318 searches per month with terms or phrases using the word "Twitter". This is why you need to add this social tools as part of your Internet marketing strategy.

2009 is the year of maximum implementation... So, if you don't have one account yet, you better go there and get your before is taken.

You can also follow me on Twitter on my new business profile @luisgalarza.

To get unlimited advice about Twitter marketing strategies visit the IE Club.

Recommended Resources.

- The Twitter Technique. Strategies to get targeted followers.
- Cashmaps Print Newsletter. Systemization Strategies.
- Email Strategies Explained. Advanced Email Marketing.
- Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online. New Version.

In Conclusion: Stay ahead of using what works... And is proven that Twitter and micro-blogging not only works but is becoming another trend in the web 2.0 and social medai world just like blogging, social bookmarking sites, social networks, etc...

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.


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Sweezo said...

There's this thing in Twitter that's called Microwriting and microblogging all in the sake of bloggers and site owners to unleash the power of their contents.

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Carl J said...

I really want to learn more about how to really use Twitter as a marketing tool. I've been reading many articles and blog posts about it, but instead of getting smarter about the tool I'm completely confuse and lost.

Can you please put it in simple terms beginners like me...


Leominster And Fitchburg MA News said...

This service is indeed the top marketing tool of 2009! No, questions about that...

But, Luis what you thing will be the 2010 top social media or web 2.0 site or service?

I will love to know have your imput on this matter!

Ramon Ramirez

Leominster and Fitchburg MA News


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