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Thanksgiven 2008 Top Search Keywords For Selling On The Internet

Thanksgiving Sale MarketingBy Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

If You Plan To Sell Online On This Thanksgiving 2008 You Need To Know The Top Search Keywords For This Holiday That Will Help You Target You Internet Marketing Campaign Effectively!

As we all know Thanksgiving sales can bring a lot of instant revenue by applying strategic online or offline marketing, when I said strategic I'm talking about the type of advertisement that creates a reason for your target audience to take action now or by the time you set, this is what its called marketing with a sense of urgency. And in time of popular holidays like Thanksgiving many marketers use this strategies to generate sales before the holiday, by the end of the event day, on the main day of the holiday, and even after the main day.

In the case of Thanks giving many marketer try to increase sales by the main event date, but focus on a firesale type urgency marketing strategy to increase income on the day after Thanksgiving. In the U.S. this day is actually one of those days many consumers will purchase part of their Christmas gifts and items because they expect to save money on that day, and they know they may not be able to get a better deal from the merchant before Christmas.

Now, before I tell you how can yo use Internet marketing strategies to successfully start selling on the Internet you need to know that if you already have a site or blog you can use the free keywords bellow to find profitable niches that can become part of your online money making assets portfolio. See below the keywords list to see how you can monetize from this niches.

Selling Online.

Well, if all this consumers are going to be looking to spend a lot of money on thanksgiving day and even more on he day after what you should do is a quick keyword research targeting mainly top Christmas products, then make a list of the ones you can start selling right away, what I mean is products that you can create, paid someone to create it for you, or products that you can get below wholesale.

Forget about building a complete website, because you don't have time for that, what you need is a good landing page or eBay store page with response generating sales copy, then market the landing page using PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising like:
- Yahoo Publishers.
- MSN Ad Center.
- And Google Adwords.

Also you can put ads on high traffic niche blogs, Facebook marketplace, Myspace classifieds, and Craigslist, this way you can generate extra Internet marketing exposure for your landing pages that can turn into more leads and sales. To increase success from your marketing in recession campaigns I recommend you to set up Cashmaps or mind maps for each strategy and business process. Remember to split test and track everything so you avoid loosing money and actually increase your revenue per campaign.

Thanksgiving 2008 Top Search Keywords List.

OK, here is the list of the best key-phrases from this popular sales generating holiday. To avoid repetition of the word "Thanksgiving" I replaced it with "TG", so when doing your marketing plan or setting up a landing page make sure to change the code 'TG" with "Thanksgiving".

Searches - Keyword.

4128 TG.
1547 TG recipes.
1547 what is TG.
1240 TG 2008.
875 canada TG.
864 traditional TG dinner.
852 TG wallpaper.
627 first TG.
519 TG dinner recipes.
512 TG clipart.
484 TG crafts.
481 TG turkey.
441 TG bulletin boards.
433 TG menu.
423 TG backgrounds.
394 TG poems.
372 TG dinner ideas.
353 TG coloring pages.
350 TG traditions.
343 traditional TG menu.
318 TG pictures.
315 cooking TG turkey.
307 day after TG sales.
307 TG trivia.
288 TG history.
284 origin of TG.
271 TG appetizers.
259 free TG wallpaper.
259 when does canada celebrate TG.
239 TG day.
234 TG dinner.
228 TG borders.
223 TG clip art.
222 funny TG poems.
216 TG activities.
213 first TG in the americas.
213 why do we eat turkey on TG.
205 TG jokes.
185 the first TG.
182 meaning of TG.
178 why do we celebrate TG.
176 TG graphics.
157 canadian TG origins.
155 when is TG.
154 canadian TG.
151 TG worksheets.
148 TG dinner menu.
144 TG cornucopia.
139 TG color pages.
137 canadian TG history.
137 free TG coloring pages.
137 TG myspace layouts.
136 happy TG.
135 history of TG.
129 TG decorations.
123 TG printables.
122 TG dinner in london.
118 which u.s. president made TG a national holiday.
117 funny TG backgrounds.
116 free TG worksheets.
115 TG screensavers.
113 TG fun.
108 TG facts.
108 TG games.
106 TG side dishes.
104 TG quotes.
104 TG wallpapers.
99 free TG backgrounds.
99 pilgrims TG.
99 TG customs.
99 TG word search.
98 TG celebrations.
96 symbol TG.
96 TG prayer.
92 brazil TG.
91 free TG screensavers.
87 TG songs.
86 macy's TG day parade.
85 on what day does canada celebrate TG.
85 TG bulletin board ideas.
84 TG desktop themes.
84 TG turkey recipes.
83 TG cartoons.
83 TG craft ideas.
83 TG trivia questions.
78 clipart TG.
77 why do canadians celebrate TG.
76 TG date.
74 coloring pages TG printable.
74 TG crafts for kids.
73 which us president made TG a national holiday.
71 TG coloring sheets.
70 TG images.
69 TG pug.
69 traditional TG food.
68 canadian TG story.
67 TG art.
66 TG photos.
64 TG desktop wallpaper.
64 TG funnies.

Remember that you can use any of the tips to sell online I talk out here for popular holiday in your country.

Niche Marketing To Monetize This List.

Create a site or blog with at least 10 long articles full of useful information then put Google Adsense on top on the left or right bar, and at the bottom of each page or posts. Set a few direct links to niche affiliate programs that are related to your market, then drive traffic using PPC. To speed up the process of building Adsense and affiliate program niche sites here are some good software applications you can use:
- HyperVRE.
- BeBiz.
- CW Builder.

TIP: don't use Adwords, because you want to keep your rate per click very low this way you can generate a good profit from Adsense in your site, this is what its called "Adsense Arbitrage Strategy", I talk about this method in later posts... Also read my "48 Affiliate Marketing Tips".

To get unlimited advice about how to make money online visit the IE Club.

Recommended Resources.

- Cashmaps Print Newsletter. Systemization Strategies.
- Email Strategies Explained. Advanced Email Marketing.
- Search Marketing Lab. Updated daily.
- Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online. New Version.
- Advanced Adsense Videos. Excellent for Adsense.

In Conclusion: I have a few holiday niche sites that make some good passive income and some of them I don't even update anymore, what I want you to understand is that the web have many gold mines that can be set to make small or big multiple stream of income, you just need to go out and do it!

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Fernando said...

Excellent article man, you really give me some good ideas... And thank for the list.


Luis Galarza said...

Thanks Fernando, I always try my best to deliver accurate and useful information for my readers. I think that if I help as many people develop a successful online business I done something very useful for the world.

Thanks for dropping by, hope see you again.

Luis Galarza

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