Monday, November 10, 2008

Internet Marketing: Consumers Will Spend Less Than 2006 Because Recession-Market Research

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

Internet Marketing And E-commerce Delivered Over $170 Billion On 2006 (See Market Research Report). But, Because Recession Online Consumers Spendings May Not Have The Same Impact In 2008, 2009, And Up To 5 Years!

And e-commerce market research report by comScore Networks in 2006 showed that in the third quarter of that year Internet retail or e-tail spendings had a 23 percent boost which generated $23.1 billion, at the same period of time online travel spendings which by the way had a slow growing rate also had a 9 percent boost which increased to $18.2 billion.

Something I want to point out is that this market research report also showed that the online travel industry is one of the best revenue generating markets you can find, which can give you the chance to make money online by selling travel products or services through a site, or just by providing good travel information blog about top spots and create an income using Google Adsense or promoting affiliate programs or selling advertising.

Well, on that year the total online spending by consumers was $41.3 billion only on the third quarter (July-September) of the year, which was a 16 percent sales increase compare to the same period the year before.

Here is what the report showed:

U.S. Online Consumer Spending (Billion $, Quarter 3rd 2006 vs. Quarter 3rd 2005)
E-commerce Spending - 2005 - 2006 - Percent Change.

Retail/E-tail - $18.8 - $23.1 - 23%

Travel - $16.8 - $18.2 - 9%

Total - $35.6 - $41.3 - 16%

Source: ComScore Networks.

Recession Slow Down Online Sales.

Sales are slowing down on most sector and industries, but that doesn't mean you can't start or continue selling on the Internet, what this mean is that you need to adjust your marketing and Internet business plan to current economy problems and be ready to become the Incredible Hulk in Internet marketing and smash the recession down, so you can generate more hot leads that can turn into sales.

Promote, promote, and promote big, is the best way to grow your business in tough times, because like I mention before about what Robert Kiyosaki advice, he said to not listen to your account and start cutting your advertising budget, which is exactly what many of your competitors are going to do and there is where you can take the market advantage by marketing more than before the recession.

So if your are an Internet marketing beginner you need to stop "marketing spotting" and focus on what you know it works or learn the strategies that can really deliver maximum responses that can be turn into positive actions for your business.

These actions can be:
- Newsletter or ezine subscriptions.

- Email Opt-in for more information.

- Lead capture pages opt-ins.

- Ebook downloads.

- Active blog readers.

- Adsense clicks.

- Affiliate program sales.

- Affiliate sign-ups.

- Product or service sale.

- Trial sales.

- Demo testing.

It doesn't matter what you want to accomplish with your Internet marketing campaigns, what's important is the responses that you are going to get from such a campaign.

To get unlimited advice about how to marketing in recession times visit the IE Club.

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- Web Traffic Machines. Complete traffic generation system.

In Conclusion: If consumers are going to spend less, you need to find as many of those "ready to buy" consumers so you can increase sales and profits. This way you can still have a good year selling on the Internet.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Anonymous said...

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Luis Galarza said...

I think that having success online is all about taking action on what you learn and don't wait for the next big think, instead create the next best thing yourself....

Luis Galarza.

Internet Marketing

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