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Directory Of Ezines: List Of Ezines For Selling Marketing Products Online

Free Directory Of Ezines To Be Use As Email Marketing Tool. A Complete List Of Ezines You Can Use For Selling Marketing Products Online With Strategic Email Promotions!

=> Ezine List Updated on November 8th 2008.

One of the best email marketing secret you can use is targeted ezine advertising, because you can leverage somebody else opt-in list. Almost every top Internet marketing expert use ezine marketing as a way to quickly have their message read by thousands of highly targeted online newsletter subscribers.

You can use this directory of ezines to promote your own Internet marketing products or products from merchants you are an affiliate, actually if you are just starting in affiliate marketing I personally recommend you to use ezine advertising to quickly generate a list of hot leads (list building tips), and sales, just make sure the product you are trying to sell is closely related to the main content of the ezine, this way your email marketing click-through conversions will be higher.

So, let me extend what I just said... If you apply strategic email promotions that is relevant to the ezine audience, and have a powerful offer you can have this list of ezines do the following:

1. - Help you build your own responsive email list.

2. - You can have a high rate of instant sales.

3. - You can increase your website or blog traffic almost instantly.

4. - You can syndicate your best content to build credibility and web authority.

5. - Ezines can also be use to launch massive viral marketing campaigns.

6. - Can be use to generate buzz and anticipation for a new product launch.

7. - You can generate a large network marketing downline in a short period of time.

8. - You can use it for affiliate marketing even if you don't have your own website or blog.

Tips To Boost Conversions.

If you use this tactics with article marketing and have your content publish in as many newsletters as you can, you can boost your credibility which will turn into better response rates. Also, you need to know that they have a few type of advertising spots, but the best two are email solo ads, and top ezine sponsor ad. Ads in between the content also work good, just avoid advertising at the bottom of the ezine, this type of ads have the lowest click-thru rates.

The best ads you can by are the "solo ads", its called this way because they only content on the email newsletter is your ad, nothing else, that's why these ones have the best conversions and ROI (Return on Investment) rates.

The Directory of Ezines.

I put together a list of my personal advertising resources that have been tested by me and other successful online marketers. Now before I continue with the list I need to point you to the best site in this category, if you are really looking to boost your sales the Directory Of Ezines is the number one place to visit, this site have the potential to get your message in from of 30 million opt-in subscribers. They also have other categories not only Internet marketing or business opportunities lists.

Here is the list which was updated after after a Solo Ads ( told me that some of the links or sites were dead ends, thank Admarkets:
1. Ezine Articles.

2. Xtreme Marketing Tips.

3. Cash From Home.

4. Super Promo.

5. Pro Biz Tips.

6. Ezine Ad.

7. Advertise To Millions.

8. Discount Solo Ads.

9. Rim Digest.

10. Vector Central.

11. SCOOP Ezine. If interested, just send an email to

Here are more excellent sites to submit Solo Ads.
12. The Successful Marketing Ezine.

13. Smart-list Solo Ads.

14. My Wizard Ads.

15. Solo Ads Only.

16. The BizBarrel Newsletter. Send email to

17. Solo Ads.

18. BizSiteBiz Ezine.

19. Get Your Solo Ad.

20. Partenon 2 Bucks Ads.

21. Online Exchange.

22. Premier Opt In.

23. Ezine Ad Swap Directory. Excellent if you have your own newsletter and want to swap ads with other publishers.

24. Ezine-r-us.

25. Traffic9.

26. INeedHits.

If I miss any site or service please feel free to share the web address by clicking on the comment link below.

To get unlimited advice about blog marketing visit the IE Club.

Recommended Resources.
- Email Strategies Explained. Advanced Email Marketing.
- Get Messages Read. Secrets to get Subscribers Read and Response.
- Subject Line Secrets. Get Them To Open It.
- Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online. New Version.
- Web Traffic Machines. Complete traffic generation system.

In Conclusion: I give you the tools, the power to make ezine marketing work is in you, and of course in your ability to write good sales copy, and set up a successful marketing street track that will take your visitors to the path you want them to take.

To your success,
Luis Galarza,
Online Promotions Specialist.

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solo ads said...

Luis, I think that you may want to check these places you're posting here.

Some of them are out of business since long time ago.

Here is an example: The Milennia Web Magazine. The domain name is parked.

Here is one more: Nova News. Click on YOUR link and see what you get. Nothing. Oops!

I've seen those outdated lists (the SAME lists) on many sites ... I wonder why no one check those lists but only copy and paste them again and again ...

Luis Galarza said...

Thanks for your update, I actually don't use those I just stay with the Directory Of Ezines which is a one stop ezine ads resource, some of my blogger friends recommended those sites, but is completely my fault I should it checked them before adding them to this list...

I going to update this list today, just give me a few hours, so I can get a reliable list of ezines sites for Internet marketing promotions.

Thanks again

Luis Galarza,

Internet Marketing For The Poor

Mary said...

Luis good job updating the list of ezines to advertise in, I think your list of directories is the most complete and up to date list I found on the Internet...

Excellent man,


Surplus and business listings said...

This is very interesting site…

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