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September 2008 Top Internet Marketing Articles

Internet Marketing ArticlesBy Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

Just An Case You Missed Them Here Is A List Of Some OF The Top Internet Marketing Articles From September 2008!

In September I focus most of my articles on different aspects of Internet marketing that can help a newbie or beginner increase web traffic and income, I wrote about squeeze pages, some facts about online marketing, selling on the Internet, and more... I don't want you to miss any of the top articles from last month, because you never know, one of those articles may have the missing piece of the puzzles that will sky rock your traffic and profits.

Here are the September 2008 top Internet marketing articles:

1. - Selling On The Internet.
"First, you need to know that Internet marketing works best when your efforts are focus and have a well develop strategic selling process behind it, of course there are more element to an online business to reach long term success, but today I want to help you increase your sales by giving you a simple, yet effective marketing strategy that will boost your success factor on your effort for selling on the Internet.

Making money online is not rocket science, is actually a very simple process that depends on strategic elements to make it work. When I talk about strategic elements, I'm referring to the selling strategies you are going to use and to each "purpose focus" action steps that will make it do what it supposed to do, make sales.

Do you have the answer to the next questions..."

2. - October 2008 Best Selling Items On The Internet.
"I know the month of September is almost over but that doesn't mean you can not be able to make money online promoting the best selling items on the Internet right now, these products are so popular that is no way you can increase your month end income a bit. The secret to start a successful home base business selling on the Internet any of these items is all about three words "Taking Action Now". Yes, that's it, I know you maybe was expecting the magic secret code of Internet marketing, the truth is that there is not magic code, is just setting goals, writing a strategic planning, taking daily actions, testing those actions, and improve those actions.

Below I added two tips to help you start selling online in less than 48 hours... Yes, is possible if you know how, and the thing is that is not difficult, but will need some hard work if you want to really make some extra money before this month end, which will give you the push to continue next month even stronger. So, don't forget to read the bottom part of this article."

3. - 8 Squeeze Pages Success Elements.
"It doesn't matter if you are promoting your own products or affiliate programs, squeeze pages are an excellent Internet marketing tool that is design to be a list building automation tool. Name squeeze sites are usually very small and the email opt-in form is in the "over the fold" area of your page. Over the fold is the part of a website a visitors see without scrolling down, is just the part that fits right on their computer screen.

Actually this is a good
email marketing strategy use to increase number of daily subscribers, so just make it easy for your visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Here are a list of the main element use by successful squeeze pages:

1. Headlines - Remember the headline is the most important part of your of your landing page, your headline is what makes..."

4. - Kwiry And Don't Forget It.
"This is one of the latest mobile and web 2.0 innovations I had found, it's name is Kwiry. What makes this new mobile to web service a cool tool is that let you send a text or picture message to your online account about whatever you see or hear when you aren't close to your computer, so you don't forget later. I always carry a little notepad with to write on it anything I find interesting or every idea I come out with for a new post for any of my blogs, sites, e-zines or to use it in my articles. Kwiry can help you forget about carrying a..."

5. - Social Marketing: 9 Social Marketing And News Sites Tips to Promote Your Blog And Brand.
"If you have a blog, you already using one of the many social marketing tools available for your today. But, you can't stop there, to create a buzz generating authority you need to have a constant image or brand movement in all type of web 2.0 or social sites, this way you will passively create your own community of fans and support friends that will become your main Internet asset. Today I want to give you a few social media marketing tips on how to use social news or bookmarking sites in your favor, some of the most..."

6. - 4 Internet Marketing Fundamentals That Increase Your Success Rate.
"All the main fundamentals of regular or offline marketing also applies on it's fullness to Internet marketing, or at least to successful one. As an entrepreneur you need to know about each of these elements and how it fit in your marketing plan or strategy. It will really help you if you add these fundamentals into your campaign, because every online marketing program depends on a few factors that will help it become a successful program:
- One that is focus on getting to your goals.

- One that follows a path of strategic actions and tactics that will take you closer to achieving your goals.

- One that it's base on performance and is design to boost conversion rates.

- One that have a list of campaigns working together and yet separate to find the best channel to distribute your marketing message.

- One that acts base on accurate analytic data, which comes from well plan testing and tracking system.

- One that can be adjust and improve if you marketing trends changes.
If your Internet business marketing program doesn't..."

7. - Free Tell A Friend HTML Script.
"New SocialTwist free "Tell-A-Friend" HTML script and widget will let your site visitors share your content with their friends and family without putting their email privacy at risk. Using viral email sharing script tools is an excellent Internet marketing strategy that will help you boost your website or blog traffic, plus will expose your brand and marketing message for free with an audience that was maybe out of your reach.

SocialTwist offer two easy ways to integrate their free tell-a-friend HTML widget on your website or blog, and the best thing about it is that your visitors can share your content through IM, email, and social media sites, plus they are going to use this web word-of-mouth marketing tool without leaving your site. The first integration process (Tell A Friend Express) is the easiest one, the only thing you have to do is..."

8. - Internet Marketing News: Zippo Banners Get Results.
"After an online banner advertising campaign Zippo the lighter manufacture saw a big increase in their sales in the past holidays, which make them rethink their overall marketing plan for this year, which didn't include online advertising of any type. Zippo only used online marketing when it need it some extra push to increase sales, but this time that random push gave them better noticeable results, that make them add Internet marketing to their strategic sales plan. Let's take a look at the type of banner that provide those results. The lighter company decide to use banners that appear to be..."

9. - Blogging For Money: Monetizing Blog Posts.
"For every online marketer who use their blog as revenue generating VRE (Virtual Real Estate) you need to always experiment and test new ways to monetize your blog from each post or article. Off course you can sell sponsorships or advertisement on your site, link to affiliate programs, use Adsense, etc., but if that's the only way you are making a revenue from your blog, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. You need to remember your visitors eyes are focus first on your content, not on your design or your sponsor ads, specially not on your sponsors. So, if you visitors attention is on the content of each post, don't you think that putting some lucrative sources there is the smart way to increase your site's income?

Here are a few
blogging for money strategies you can use to increase your profits per blog post..."

10. - Internet Marketing Facts #1.
"Internet marketing is an ever changing media that has a lot of myth and facts, right now I want to give you some insights about this powerful communication channel that gave regular people the tools to compete at the same level as any top corporates. Specially with the introduction of blogs average Joes learn how simple was to create money making assets with the help of a computer and a good Internet connection. And even before blogs was there was eBay, which let some smart entrepreneurs say good bye to the 9 to 5 jobs and make an steady income online. This post is the first one of a series of articles that I going to blog about in the next few days, I hope you enjoy the ideas. Here is what you should know about Internet marketing:

Fact #1: What is Google's core desire and long term goals? If you few follow Google's news sometimes you may already know that their..."

11. - 22 SEO Tips: Blogspot Blogs Basics.
"First any your cup and forget everything you know about SEO or everything you have read, specially if your organic search ranking haven't change meaning two things, you are confused and don't know exactly what to do and where to start, or you been getting miss leading information that got you nowhere. Today I going to give you some search engine optimization tips that work very good for many of my clients and friends who are blogspot bloggers like you and me. But, search marketing have to be part of your Internet marketing plan want it or not.

The Truth!

SEO for static websites needs more hard work and even some investment to make it search engine friendly and send it to the top of organic results on Google or any of the top website finding tools. But, it's not complicated! Now when we talk about blogs specially blogspot blogs the job becomes a little..."

I hope you find these articles useful.

To get more advice about Internet marketing visit the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

Recommended Resources.

- Bebiz - Niche Business Builder. Excellent for beginners.
- Search Marketing Lab. Updated daily.
- Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online. All in one training course.

In Conclusion: Take it step by step, one strategy at a time....

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Daisy(Home Business) said...

Great post... Its very informative and the articles that you have linked are also very useful for internet business...

Luis Galarza said...

Thanks Daisy for your very nice comment and dropping by my blog, I hope to keep writing many more useful Internet marketing articles these most... I promise I going to try my best.

Yours truly,

Luis Galarza

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