Saturday, August 23, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Is Hot Like Megan Fox

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

The Affiliate Marketing Industry Is Booming Just Like Megan Fox... And Merchants Have Something To Say!

A market study made by affiliate marketing consultant Shawn Collins called "The AffSat 2007 Report", demonstrated that the performance base marketing industry is a money maker market that is hot like Megan Fox.

This research and statistics report included the feedbacks of close to 200 affiliate managers from small merchants to Fortune 500 companies. Some of the questions the managers needed to answer were about their staffing, the system network, management, and recruiting.

Also the report had statistics data about the merchants affiliate programs, that included promotion details, current amount of active affiliates, and web conversion rates. This is a good affiliate secret guide of what merchants or associates manager really think, that can help you change your operations and marketing to keep a good relationship with each merchant or online marketer you are associated with.

Here is what they have to say:

Question: Do you let your affiliates to bid on your trademark name(s) in PPC search engines?
  • 32% answer Yes.
  • 5% answer that they don't know.
  • 63% answer a big NO.

Question: What is your biggest challenge in affiliate marketing?
  • 11% said detecting fraud.
  • 7% said managing associates for brand risk.
  • 15% said managing associates properly.
  • 1% said internal affiliate program sales.
  • 6% said monitoring use of trademarks in search engines.
  • 32% said recruiting new associates.
  • 28% said activating affiliates.

Question: How new affiliates sign ups you get per month?
  • 35% said 11 to 50.
  • 21% said 51 to 100.
  • 25% said 101 to 500.
  • 2% said 500+.
  • 2% said they don't know.
  • 15% said less than 10.
Statistics source: Shawn Collins Consulting.

As yo can see that when you have your own affiliate program for other entrepreneurs to sign-up you need to deal with some account management factors that can be improve and fix by asking your online sales force questions like: What they need to be successful, Are they beginners? intermediate's, or advanced marketers? Do they know any about performance marketing? Etc...

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In Conclusion: Anyone can have their own affiliate program for their products or services, but only the savvy marketer make the best of it! So, stop looking at Megan Fox picture and see how to improve your program, lol.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

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Jaime said...

I personally have a big problem recruiting new affiliates to promote my products, and also to getting active in their marketing.

Will be good if you post some tips about this matter.


Luis Galarza said...

Thank you Jaime for your nice comment, and also thank you for the idea, I'll be writing about this on Monday, hope you come back to check my tips, tell me what you think about it.

To Your Success,

Luis Galarza

Internet Marketing For Poor!

Megan Fox said...

I wouldn't never thought someone can compaire me to a marketing strategy, which is cool...

i like your post, at least you don't say stupid things like entertainment publication writers.

Good luck in your business,

I found you on Twitter...

Megan Fox said...

Megan Fox is definitely a sexy goddess, I am a regular to her website at Megan

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